An inside look at New York

Hard to afford — when something is too expensive and you have to save money to buy it.
Laundromat — a where you
to use that
Apartment-dweller — people who live in the apartments.
New Year’s resolution — a that you make to yourself to doing something good or
doing something
on the first
of the
Prom — a formal dance, especially one that is held at a high school.
Out of work — without a paid job.
Long hours on the set — to spend a lot of time at a place where a movie is filmed.
Hangs out — to spend a lot of time in a place.
Exaggerated — made to seem larger, better, worse or more important than it really is or needs to be.
Coat of arms — a design or a shield that is a special symbol of a family, city or other organization.
Catskill Mountains — are situated in the northeast New York State. There are a lot of hiking trails, ski resorts, lakes and natural attractions there.
Subway — an underground railway system in a city.
Cab — a taxi.
Chrysler Building — an Art Deco skyscraper in Manhattan built in 1928.
Flatiron Building — a triangular 22-story building built in 1902.
Manhattan clam chowder — soup containing clams, tomatoes, celery and carrots.
Binghamton spiedie — an American cuisine dish that consists of different kinds of marinated meat (chicken, pork, beef etc.) cut into cubes.
Buffalo wings — an American cuisine dish that consists of deep-fried chicken wings with a special sauce.
Schlep — a slow, difficult journey, especially one that you do not want to make.
“the City” — a nickname of New York City (or sometimes Manhattan).
“the Island” — a nickname of Long Island.
Bodega — a small store selling food, wine and household goods, especially in a neighbourhood where most people speak Spanish.
Brick — baked clay used for building walls, houses and other buildings; an individual block of this.
Schmear — a situation, matter, or affair.
Schtick — a style of humour that is typical of a particular performer.
Stoop — a raised area outside the door of a house with steps leading up to it.

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