Abuser: how to detect and handle?

- cruel, violent, or unfair treatment of someone
Toxic communication
- the way of communicating which is harmful to one or both participants
Petty feud
- a small conflict
- to make something appear stupid or not effective
Rely on
- to trust someone or something or to expect him, her, or it to behave in a particular way
- not feeling or showing sympathy for other people's feelings, or refusing to give importance to something
- a situation in which you do not give enough care or attention to someone or something, or the state of not receiving enough care or attention
(sb with) - to trouble someone with something difficult or unpleasant
- the action of tricking or controlling someone by making them believe things that are not true, especially by suggesting that they may be mentally ill
- the act of publicly criticizing and drawing attention to someone, especially on the internet
Restrict freedom
- to limit a person’s right to act as they want
- a situation in which threats are made to harm a person or organization if they do not do something such as give someone money
- the crime of illegally following and watching someone over a period of time
Set boundaries in communication
- to say clearly what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for a person when it comes to communication
Obsessive inspection -
aimless examination of something in an extremely careful way

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