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Tenets of the SingleStore Brand

The Why and the What of our Brand
All memorable brands are rooted in profound philosophical ideas and a goal and vision around what the company stands for. It is this vision that drives the identity and, eventually, the personification and visual representations of the company. This document describes a hypothesis around who we aspire to be as a company, our identity, and a strategy around how we intend to transcend from a database company to a multi-generational data platform company from a brand perspective. This hypothesis then becomes our brand's backbone, positioning us for the next big milestone of an IPO and beyond.
Our Philosophy
Data is bits and bytes. It is varied, vast and comes in all different formats. It is only when we sift through the data, reason with it, build on top of it, all in real-time that we give birth to information and knowledge. This information and knowledge that gets passed around from generation to generation is the core essence of our being as a society. Most database companies aspire to be everything for everyone and tout speed and feeds about the feature set on managing different kinds of data.
We, on the other hand, intend to be a company that helps other companies to sift, reason and act upon data in real-time to build information and knowledge that improves day-to-day lives and elevates our entire species as a whole.
The pursuit of insights and knowledge based on building and reasoning with fast-moving data is the core of our branding philosophy and drives our vision and mission.
Our philosophy is analogous and inspired from from a Buddhist practice called Satori. Satori is often described as an experience that is beyond words, as it is a sudden understanding that comes from the depths of one's being, rather than from intellectual study. It is seen as a moment of transcendence that reveals the interconnectedness of all things and the ultimate unity of the universe.
Our Vision
We want to build a multi-generational company that surpasses being a point database solution to a data platform that helps companies elevate human lives by reasoning and acting on all kinds of data in real time.

Our Strategy
The brand strategy is to be a thought leader in showing where the world is headed. Every thing that we have seen in the last few years have pushed all companies into becoming technology companies. All technology companies have to manage data. In order to survive and thrive, all of these companies need to reason and act upon all kinds of fast moving data to stay in the business. We help companies build applications on fast-moving, varied data that helps the companies stay ahead of their competition by providing value in elevating day to day lives of all humans.
The example of some of these applications include providing personalized rides (Uber and Hulu), enable communication (Verizon), fight fraud (Citibank and American Express) and collaboration (education), all in split seconds that helps all humans amplify their skills and improve their lives .. one millisecond at a time.
Breaking down the vision story:
We believe every company is a technology company. Every technology company is a data company. Every data company needs to reason and act on real-time data to elevate human lives.
Our Mission
Since all applications are built by builders and makers, our mission is to -
Spark creativity and invention among every maker in the world through data.
*A maker is anyone who builds with data.
Two Pillars of our Brand Philosophy
1. Celebrating the makers and their work on top of real-time data with compelling emotional stories. 2. Shining the lights on the fact that the future of data is its elevation to actionable information and knowledge in order to amplify human capabilities.
Application of the branding principles
1. Made on SingleStore
Highlight and celebrate applications and makers that use real-time data to improve human lives. The application will use video and images telling the Made on SingleStore stories.
2. Amplified Performance
Show how sports when combined with real-time data amplifies and elevates human performance. In the example below we show Trackman technology tracing the golf ball in real time.


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