COVID19 Personal Contact Tracing
COVID19 Personal Contact Tracing


How to keep a personal contact tracing and movements record.

Personal Contact Tracing.. Why?
Kia ora. According to the
keeping a personal journal and logging our contacts and movements is an invaluable asset for us to contain the spread of the virus and prevent new outbreaks.

This was made to help you do just that.

- How to Contact Trace

To stop the spread of disease, we need to trace the contacts of anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19.

Recording our movements can be done easily and efficiently.
So, how do you get started? I’m glad you asked..

Use the LOG session to keep track of your 3 Ws:
WHERE you went,
WHEN you went there, and
WHO you met.

Use this section to 'Add Record' simply clicking on this button to add a new movement and other bits of data. Feel free to jot down some notes on how are you feeling as your personal diary too. You’ll be amazed when you revisit this in the future.

The chart section provides a graph of your records over all-time, by place.

This section contains all recorded your data. The 'Log Data' table is the master table and it aggregates all your entries. It will be super easy to share it, whenever you need it.
Since Coda docs are stored in your Google Drive, your records are kept private, safe and under your control/permissions.

This was made with kiwi Aroha ❤️ in Wellington New Zealand.

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