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Boost your reviews. Analyze feedback. Improve your service and drive more business.
How can your service business stand out in a crowded market?
How do you increase your visibility online?

Start by sending review survey forms to your customers with emails and text messages. Review, respond and analyze feedback in order to increase your social proof and help drive new service business. This doc helps you manage that process.
- Are my customers satisfied? 😍
- How could we do better? 🤔

What’s included.

How it works


Set up your data and forms

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Send requests and follow-up


Analyze results.

The 6 Steps Workflow
Manage your review requests and improve customer service.
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Step 1
Ask your customers for a review with email and text messages.
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Step 2
Send thank you emails to those responding with positive reviews.
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Step 3
Send second request reminders to review, if no response to first.
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Step 4
Respond directly to any negative reviews promptly.
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Step 5
Analyze response metrics and trends. Improve your service.
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Step 6
Select reviews to include as testimonials on your website.

Testimonials: Reviews we love.
“This doc has helped me connect with my customers in a meaningful way! I am more visible and trustworthy online and business has soared.”
- Jane, Massage Therapist, Chicago
“I had no idea what to do to encourage customer reviews, and this tool kit saved the day. The tracking is automated, saving time and I have improved my services using the feedback analysis.”
- Joe, Dog Groomer, New York City

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How to use the Customer Review Tracker

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