We’ve been exploring CODA as an alternative to git hub

Both anecdotal evidence and academic research clearly indicates that users of knowledge management solutions are more likely to contribute to the corporate body of knowledge if the platform for capturing knowledge is easy to use and as painless for users to contribute. The counterpoint has also been demonstrated in that complexity in uploading and collaborating for enterprise knowledge acts as a barrier to sharing knowledge in a knowledge enterprises such as Lab49.

Github is a dog to use. It is not an intuitive solution; the support for semantically linking knowledge objects is weak; the administrative burden to add knowledge content is high. It is the poster child of what a enterprise knowledge solution should not be according to the academic research.

What can CODA do?

CODA is really easy to use
You can create pages
Pages can have
buttons / controls
explore by using “/”
You can insert
January 2022
Links to other collateral:
So we could create a page for each architecture meet-up
Docs can be shared internally or externally
Permission can be assigned to specific users (internal or external)
or can be open
See who has edited content by clicking ...
Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 22.10.22.png
You can automate and trigger alerts to people where content has changed:
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What have New York done with this?

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