Open Questions for NY team

Time line for implementation / licence purchase
How do we assign permissions to internal & external participants
Use of Markdown
Add buttons
Search content - do we use additional tools
Google Search Console
Google Natural Language
Are we factoring in additional cost for search tools?
How we align with existing knowledge i.e. Docusaurus on Github pages (

Hi Luis and team,

Below in
are my answers to some of your questions. Hope they are helpful.

Time line for implementation / licence purchase – is this a done deal and do we have a go live date?
I've asked our procurement team to provide a timeline for the license purchase and will share once I hear back. I don't believe there will be any implementation needed for Coda to go live. The biggest difference the enterprise license will bring are the extra data security and SSO.

Use of Markdown – I can’t find any reference in the support docs suggesting this supports markdown language. We planned to use this to semantilcy link threads and themes to build a rich knowledge repository – what approach are you taking for this?
Please give this a try and let me know if it answers your question:

Search content – are we planning on subscribing to additional search tools
Google Search Console
Google Natural Language
We haven't yet encountered any use cases for these search tools but Coda enterprise does support the integration with them. Curious to learn more about your use cases.

How we align with existing enterprise knowledge solutionsi.e. Docusaurus on Github pages (
Leaving this to Yvonne but as a quick fact, the design team is not currently using such solutions.

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