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Square Product Compliance
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What is a CRD?
CRD stands for Compliance Requirement Document.
The CRD process is managed by the .
CRDs help Product Managers to identify compliance requirements that need to be implemented en each of the product delivery phases: Alpha→Beta→General Availability (the 3 phases of product launch).
Each CRD is managed by a Product Compliance Manager (aka “PCM”).
Who is this page for?
Product Compliance Managers (PCMs)
Product Managers (PMs) launching new products
Compliance Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that participate in new product reviews as either Requestors or Reviewers
When we launch new products in other markets than the US, the PCM will also engage Expansion Compliance SMEs
All of them, the “Participants”
Compliance SMEs
What is changing exactly?
Before: New product launch announcement → CRD Google doc → launch
Going forward: New product launch announcement → CRD Jira Board → launch
We decided to chose to migrate the CRD management process from Google Doc to Jira because:
Accountability → Jira allows us to set clear DRIs and due dates for each requirement
Widely adopted → Most of SQ employees have some degree of familiarity with Jira
Flexibility → We can adopt the flows and the fields as we go
New to Jira?
Don’t worry 😉 The PCM team is here to help you out navigate this amazing platform!
In simple terms, JIRA is a place to to collaborate and organize work. It’s a communication and project management tool.
Jira replaces Excel trackers for project management.
Key concepts to understand is that:
Epic Product → there will be an epic per product review
TaskGroup of Requirements of the same risk type
Subtask Requirement → every requirement will be created under the epic (or product) it relates to
When do we start a CRD review?
A PM will let us know that there is a new product Square wants to launch
The Product Compliance Lead decides to revise an existing product to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations
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