Welcome Sophia to Life Time Work

Here you will get the resources needed to get your technology set up at Life Time Work for connectivity, printing, and meetings.
We’re absolutely thrilled to have you join us! 🚀
Welcome to the Life Time Work New Member Technology On-boarding Guide!
At Life Time Work, we use an on-boarding guide for new members to facilitate their entry to their new workspace. We've found it helps folks understand how to connect, print, and manage their technology within the space.
In this doc, you'll find a simple on-boarding guide.
There's a variety of sections to help new members get oriented. These sections include:
- what you should prepare in advance
- Information about how to get connected and printing at Life Time Work
- Get directions and contacts for the location.
- More resources to help you stay productive and connected.
👉 Without further ado, let's get started by telling you about what to expect !

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