Automated Competitor Screenshots

Capture daily screenshots of your competitors homepage.
Capture Competitive Screenshots
As a founder, marketer or product person, it can be extremely valuable to keep track of how your competitors are evolving the messaging and positioning of their product. This doc makes it easy to automate that process.
How it works
This doc connects to a service called using Coda’s built-in integration layer called Packs. If you’re curious about Packs, check out . Bannerbear helps their customers auto-generate images and videos. You can read about all the things that the Bannerbear Pack for Coda can do

Full video walkthrough:

Or, get it setup in 5 easy steps:
You’ll want to start by creating your own copy of this doc →
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You’ll need a Bannerbear account, loaded with credits. Note that each screenshot you take will require one Bannerbear credit. You can and view their .
After you setup your account, in this doc, navigate to Insert > Packs > Bannerbear > Settings and click Sign In . After that, you should be ready to test it out.
Change the competitors in the table to the relevant ones for your business.
Press the Capture all screenshots button at the top. That button goes through and automatically presses the buttons on each of the rows in the table.
Optional: this doc uses a Coda feature called to automate the process of pushing the Capture all screenshots button below. You can click the gear icon at the top right, then Automations to view and edit the automation rule. The doc is set to capture screenshots weekly, but you can set it to any time frame you choose in the automation rule.

Capture Screenshot
Capture Screenshot
Screenshot Link
Screenshot Link
There are no rows in this table

Capture Screenshots
Press the button below to capture screenshots for all competitors in the table.
Capture all screenshots

See Screenshots
Press the button below to refresh new screenshots.
Sync new screenshots

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October 25, 2022, 11:25 AM

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