ImPossible: Marketing Brand Intelligence
ImPossible: Marketing Brand Intelligence
4. Creative Content and Asset Generation

Product Brainstorm with ✨AI

Come up with a set of ideas on how to solve problems

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Improve website conversion
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Acquire more users for my app
Improve website conversion
Increase retention of users of a cooking app
Increase time spent for design software product
Gain enterprise customers for a presentation software

2. Watch AI get to work
Products that employ this tactic
Why does it work?
What could go wrong?
Offer a limited-time discount for new users to incentivize them to make a purchase on the website.
Amazon - Offers a $10 discount for first-time users who make a purchase of $20 or more.
Airbnb - Provides a $40 coupon for new users who book a stay of at least $75.
Uber - Gives a $5 discount for first-time users on their first ride.
Increases conversion rates by providing a sense of urgency to potential customers
Attracts new customers to the website with the promise of a discount
Encourages customers to make a purchase by reducing the perceived cost
Provides an opportunity to showcase the website's products or services to new customers
Creates a positive customer experience by rewarding new users for their loyalty
It could potentially attract customers who are only interested in the discount and not in making a long-term commitment to the business. Additionally, it may not be financially sustainable for the business to continually offer discounts to new customers.
Implement a live chat feature on the website to provide real-time customer support.
Zappos - Zappos has implemented a live chat feature on their website to provide real-time customer support. Customers can chat with a representative 24/7 to get help with any questions or issues they may have.
Amazon - Amazon also offers a live chat feature on their website for customer support. This allows customers to quickly get help without having to wait on hold or send an email.
Shopify - Shopify has a live chat support option for their e-commerce platform. Merchants can chat with a support representative to get help with setting up their store or resolving any issues they may encounter.
Increases customer satisfaction by providing immediate assistance
Improves customer retention by resolving issues quickly
Helps identify and address common customer concerns
Enables upselling and cross-selling opportunities through proactive engagement
Provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences through chat transcripts
There is a risk of overwhelming customer service representatives with an influx of chats, leading to slower response times and decreased customer satisfaction. Additionally, the chat feature may be vulnerable to technical difficulties or security breaches.
Idea #3: Implement a chatbot to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have while browsing the website.
Sephora - Sephora's chatbot, called the Sephora Virtual Artist, helps customers find products and provides makeup tutorials.
H&M - H&M's chatbot assists customers with sizing and product recommendations.
Domino's Pizza - Domino's chatbot, named Dom, takes orders and provides tracking information for deliveries.
Chatbots provide 24/7 customer support, increasing customer satisfaction
Chatbots can handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, reducing wait times for customers
Chatbots can collect valuable data on customer preferences and behaviors
Chatbots can provide personalized recommendations and promotions based on customer interactions
Chatbots can reduce staffing costs for businesses by automating customer support tasks
There is a possibility that the chatbot may not be able to answer certain questions or may provide incorrect information, leading to customer dissatisfaction. Additionally, the implementation and maintenance of a chatbot can be expensive and time-consuming.
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