ImPossible: Marketing Brand Intelligence
ImPossible: Marketing Brand Intelligence
1. Marketing Strategy and Planning

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Design your own Maropost email marketing workflow

Use the Maropost Pack in Coda to see your email marketing campaigns, campaign reports, and lists in Coda and build your own marketing workflows.
Campaign Title
Campaign Title
Campaign Title
Easter Promo
Hi AB - Copy
Hi Campaign Name From Pendyala1
test haha
Test campaign - Copy
Example of how you can visualize Maropost email campaigns in this Coda template

Video tutorial of this template

What is this Coda and Maropost template?

What you’re looking at is a Coda template. Coda is an all-in-one doc for team that blends the best of spreadsheets, docs, and applications. is an e-commerce/multi-channel marketing platform. This template utilizes the , an integration between Maropost Coda. Through this integration, you can visualize, filter, and sort your Maropost email campaigns, reports, and lists in new ways. Create custom workflows with your Maropost information right in Coda.
All you need to do is enter in your Maropost API key after you copy this template (click here:
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) and your account ID (click Connections under your profile in Maropost). You’ll need to enter in your account ID in the Pack settings like so:
Maropost account ID in Coda Maropost pack

How to use this template

This template just shows a few examples of what you can do with your Maropost email campaigns, campaign reports, and email lists in Coda. With the , your Maropost data is always synced so you always see the most up-to-date information in Coda. Here’s a quick overview of how you can use this template:
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- A sync table of all your Maropost email campaigns (under the “Campaigns” tab in your Maropost dashboard). There are sub-pages that show your email campaigns grouped by status of the campaign, team, and a way to quickly search by campaign name and subject.
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- A sync table of all your Maropost campaign reports (under the “Analytics” tab in your Maropost dashboard).
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- A sync table of all your Maropost email contact lists (under the “Audience” tab in your Maropost dashboard). Sort and filter your email lists based on the number of subscribers, total revenue, etc. You can also take action from this Coda doc by creating email lists in the
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Start with:
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