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TDLR: A list of Investors; get the advice of your attorney about investment and funding laws.

Welcome to the /r/Startups UNVERIFIED investor list

We provide this so that people can self identify as investors.

HOWEVER, take this with a grain of salt as you still have to abide by all securities laws and regulations and be a responsible startup.
Go see your attorney.

*Disclaimer* –

This is a list of people who self-identified themselves as investors and are not 100% vetted, recommended or endorsed. Reach out and verify everyone.

Question 256.27

Are there circumstances under which an issuer, or a person acting on the issuer’s behalf, can communicate information about an offering to persons with whom it does not have a pre-existing, substantive relationship without having that information deemed a general solicitation?

Yes. The staff is aware of long-standing practices where issuers and persons acting on their behalf are introduced to prospective investors who are members of an informal, personal network of individuals with experience investing in private offerings.

For example, we acknowledge that groups of experienced, sophisticated investors, such as “angel investors,” share information about offerings through their network and members who have a relationship with a particular issuer may introduce that issuer to other members. Issuers that contact one or more experienced, sophisticated members of the group through this type of referral may be able to rely on those members’ network to establish a reasonable belief that other offerees in the network have the necessary financial experience and sophistication. Whether there has been a general solicitation is a fact-specific determination. In general, the greater the number of persons without financial experience, sophistication or any prior personal or business relationship with the issuer that are contacted by an issuer or persons acting on its behalf through impersonal, non-selective means of communication, the more likely the communications are part of a general solicitation. [August 6, 2015]

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