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Love + Money Graduate Program

1.0: Research Project

We also want you to do your own research into the industry. As such, you will undertake a final research project that you will present to us in whatever form you wish e.g. a website, a video, a presentation, etc. You’ll be expected to work on this project for about 20-25% of your time at Love + Money, and it will be up to you to keep your project time sacred otherwise we will fill it with client work.
It’ll require you to:
• Choose a Topic for The Research;
• Develop a Research Question for The Research;
• Make a Project that is Indicative of The Research;
What do you want to learn more about? A good place to start is technical skills/programs, and also a broader topic of inquiry. It should also be something related to what we do — some suggestions:
• Market Research + Analysis
• Demographics v Psychographics
• Brand Strategy: Pivoting v Persevering
• Creative Direction: the Role of Creativity in Business
• Design: Function vs. Aesthetics
• UX: Design in the Digital Age
• Front End Development: Learning Emerging Languages
See some past examples here:
(Sept - Nov 2020)
Aka Newton, as they’re a physics head. She’s now freelancing with us! She was also the only intern that constantly posted to our Instagram. We love that. [Louie’s
(Nov - Dec 2020)
Aka Jolly Jumper ‘cause she loves horses. Hannah also kept secret that she is a 3D artist. Don’t do that. [Hannah’s ]
(Jan – March 2021)
Our first copywriting intern. Lyle joined us all the way from Portland, USA, for full studio days! What a machine.
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