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Publishing the Whitepaper
Finally, after a couple weeks of hard work and defining things, the Whitepaper will be live in a format that's easy to navigate and edit, since we expect a couple of changes down the road
Searching for Web Designers
Currently in talks with a couple of companies/professionals. We have a very specific idea in mind and need very talented people to pull this off. It won't be a simple static site.
Searching For New Artists
Currently receiving trial submissions from many interested people. Still open to new candidates (DM if you want to participate)
First Concept Art Pieces!
With the concept team onboarded, we are starting to generate the first art pieces to give everyone a first look on the life in the year 2112
Start Promoting The Project
Once we have the main artist on board and the art generation process has begun, we will step on the gas and start promoting the project in several places, looking to attract like minded people that can enjoy this experience with all of us.
Running Internal Workshops
We are running internal workshops with the team to align our visions, ideas, organize our minds and tasks, and generate a common understanding of some core aspects of the project like our value proposal, our pillars, and our values as a team and as professionals.
Writing The Lore
We are creating different pieces of lore to explain different aspects of the world we are creating, the Cryptorunners Factions, the different Corporations and Government types, and the events that shaped the world before reaching the year 2112. All this will be released during the project both in Discord and in the website. Once the world building is more or less "set", the process of creative writing (thinking on stories that happens within this world) begin
Website Under Construction
We have onboarded an awesome web designer to create a website that will grow and evolve along with the project, being an essential part of the roleplaying and immersive experience. The first version will be just an introduction and from there we will work on it iteratively
In Progress
Technical/Contract Definitions
We are constantly talking with our main developer about the technicalities (and learning a lot along the way!) of setting up a Smart Contract and creating it in a way that gives the transparency we want to show the community.
Defining NFT Trait Categories & Rarities
We started the process of thinking on specific traits and their potential rarities. We will define this main categories and some rules to avoid undesired combinations, and then work along with the artist in creating the varieties for each category.
Design and technical viability analysis of the on-chain game
We started discussing how the first on-chain would work. Leveraged by staking mechanics and passive interaction, we want to design a fun and very thematic experience to enjoy after the drop and while we roll out the next stages of the project (the video game, events, narratives, etc).
Iterative work on the avatars
The avatars are currently under production, and we will be releasing advancements and sneak peaks almost weekly
Project Branding and Mini-brandings.
We started working in the project's main branding (logo, style guidelines, etc) and also on the Corporations and Cryptorunners Factions brandings! Each one will have it's own logo, emblem, fonts and color scheme as they deserve!
Design and execution of Community Initiatives
We started this phase with the first Invite Contest that awarded the three main roles for the server (OG, Notorious and Legendary Cryptorunner), the super @Community team is designing and will be executing many other activities to keep awarding this roles, that came with priority access to the Whitelist and other surprise goodies!
Release of lore pieces (texts and illustrations)
We are starting to disclose art pieces en lore texts in the form of wiki-like information for the community to start taking a grasp of the vast universe we are creating. Later on, when the fully functional site is up, we will also include thematic narratives from different points-of-view.
Updating The Whitepaper
The whitepaper has been updated in mid-october and will receive more updates as more details of the project are defined.
Definition of Whitelist and Drop processes
We are discussing different options to generate the whitelist and execute the drop in the most comfortable way for the community. This requires work from many teams such as @Community, @Management and Technical.
Up Next
Iterative Work On Website
In our vision, the website will be more than an a series of pages with info, it will be your Cryptorunner's interface to access a world of data an experiences. This process will also be done in iterations, bringing more functionalities and more information as we push forward with the entire project.
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