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LOABOWA structures

Aside from consulting on climate resilience, LOABOWA structures also delves into the design and development of resilience projects as described below.

Resilience infrastructure

Climate change presents climate risk, which in Africa, is in the form of drought, floods and mud slides. Exposure to such events presents new challenges for communities, who consequently need to rethink their adaptation strategies. To deliver climate resilience, LOABOWA structures focuses on the installation of infrastructural adaptations to inspire climate resilience.

We refer to these as resilience infrastructure.

Resilience products

Additionally, we offer resilience products. These ensure that even when weather events occur, disrupting main grids, communities still have access to the necessities. These products improve the communities’ ability to navigate disruptions occasioned by weather events.

This is achieved through mini grids, which provide autonomy and flexibility.

We believe that resilience is for everyone. Therefore, through LOABOWA kind, we also aim to deliver resilience infrastructure and products, to vulnerable communities that are also low income and disadvantaged.

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