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Company description

LOABOWA is a brand based in Nairobi, Kenya. It aims to enable a ‘low impact’ footprint, climate resilience and awareness, not only in the products or services offered, but also in the way it extends itself through its operations. Make reference to SDG:13.

LOABOWA employs a lean business model to achieve this; the minimalist bias is by design. This is captured in its tagline.

'Tame. Resilient. Footprint'


To help businesses manage climate risks as well as promote a carbon and waste conscious footprint.


To strengthen defenses against weather events whilst encouraging a healthier relationship with the planet.

Our values

Carbon and waste consciousness


Community engagement


About the
Founder & CEO
In charge of Prototype validation and Activation strategies

for more about the Founder & CEO

this one.jpeg

Stella Nyambura Mbau (PhD)
Climate resilience advocate

About the
Relations Officer
In charge of Brand marketing and Responsive relationships

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-24 at 13.17.39.jpeg

Kevin Kamau Kamande
Serial Entrepreneur

About the
Operations Officer
In charge of Project control and Adaptive Intelligence

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Catherine Wanjiru
Project Manager

The LOABOWA ltd. company profile:


International Alliance for Localisation

Experience LOABOWA

LOABOWA ltd. is the owner of the following subsidiaries:
installs infrastructural adaptations to inspire resilience
creates liveable spaces from already existing spaces

a platform that retails locally produced goods, that are low carbon and waste-free
an African initiative that aims to form climate friendships and advocates for climate governance

More on LOABOWA ltd.

A climate change primer
- (see
"how to own the climate conversation so you can inspire action". This was done as part of scientists’ global action.


As featured:
• FAO's 7th newsletter
• CMCC Climate Change Communication Award "Rebecca Ballestra" submission database


For 2020 highlights, see this Recap countdown video:
the 13 Days of Recap


The Founder puts LOABOWA on the map through speaking engagements. In this conference, they spoke on food resilience in the context of Kenya’s urban food systems, and the need for food micro-grids; in part, this is the idea behind LOABOWA structures. For more:



Enjoy the entire bank of articles on Medium, curated by the Founder. The publication is committed to the scientific communication of climate change and resilience in the context of Kenya, Africa. It includes transcripts from conference presentations, podcasts as well as publications.

see other articles in the blog
much to do

Our upcoming fairs are an opportunity to showcase locally produced goods, that are low carbon and waste-free.

for our boot camp, low impact hygiene goods & others!

We also have a recognition program for activists involved with LOABOWA kind.

acknowledging their advocacy for climate justice in Africa

We encourage all our climate friends to sign this pledge. It’s a commitment to LOABOWA: that is, taking time to understand the issues encompassed within LOABOWA, taking ownership of the issues, and committing to the prescribed action and to transferring these to our communities.

a commitment to ‘LOABOWA’


The Puerta de Africa blog:

On era environment:

Published in the BuildPress Magazine:

Tame. Resilient. Footprint

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