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We encourage all our climate friends to sign (or simply read) this pledge

This pledge is a commitment to LOABOWA. That is, taking time to understand the issues encompassed within LOABOWA, taking ownership of the issues, and committing to the prescribed action and to transferring these to our communities.

These activities not only help us reduce our footprint, they are altogether efforts towards
a better new normal
. Additionally, they are accessible to most of us!

Please have a good read before signing on!!

The issues

The issues encompassed within LOABOWA

carbon footprint: climate change is related to increased carbon dioxide levels. These are in turn, attributed to human activities dating back to the Industrial Revolution


waste footprint: the waste we generate is literally suffocating the planet. From food waste that generates methane (a greenhouse gas), to plastic waste that ends up in bellies of fish, clogging up drainpipes amongst other things.

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climate resilience: climate change triggers extreme weather events, which in turn, leave those exposed to these risks extremely vulnerable. Adapting to these risks, inspires resilience.


awareness: being aware of climate change, the compounding variables as well as the anticipated effects, makes those at-risk, a lot wiser and better able to navigate the ‘storms’.

Prescribed action

I take ownership of all these issues and proclaim that

I will take the time to educate myself more on the issues above
I will consider switching my bulbs to LED lights
I will also consider switching to renewable energy
I will always turn off the lights
I will unplug electronics and appliances when not in use
I will also switch off devices when not in use
I will consider my carbon footprint when making decisions on modes of transport
I will consider carpooling and public transport
I will walk or cycle for shorter distances
I will reduce, reuse and recycle
I will do my best to cut-down on single-use plastic
I will sort waste at source, at home
I will consider using waste that is organic as compost at home
I will take part in river, beach, street and other cleaning activities
I will take the time to study the food we make at home and how it’s planted
I will save seeds from food preparation to start a seedbank
I will learn about no-plough farming
I will learn about seedballs and how to make my own
I will use the seedballs to plant more food
I will also distribute seedballs in my community
I will consider growing native plants that need less chemicals to grow
I will take the time to learn and try out some vegan meals every week
I will strive to buy local
I will take the time to learn and try out minimalism
I will continue to learn and explore more avenues for action other than those prescribed in this pledge
I will always seek to do better for the planet, accepting that the journey will have its ups and downs


I will further reach out to my community

I will be kind and empathise with others who differ in opinion, with regard to my commitment to this pledge
I will be open to sharing what I have learnt on my journey with others
I will avail myself when opportunities to lobby or advocate for better environmental practices arise
I will share this pledge with my friends and/or family that are genuinely concerned about climate change.

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you understand the issues encompassed within LOABOWA
you take ownership of the issues and commit to the prescribed action
you commit to transferring the prescribed action to your community
you agree to continue the conversation on our social media platforms (alongside other pledge signees) and other similar platforms. The purpose is for you to share your journey with others and to learn from them. This way, you’ll stay motivated and accountable

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