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The Founder & CEO, Stella Nyambura M. (PhD), comes from Kenya and is 32 years old. She is a construction project manager by training, however, her research in the context of the climate resilience fostered a new interest. Due to risks occasioned by climate change, there’s a great need for adaptation and climate resilience. Consequently, she founded LOABOWA ltd.


Stella Nyambura Mbau (PhD)
Climate resilience advisor

Stella is a climate expressionist. She is also an international African speaker and a youth panelist. In addition, she offers herself to various environmental movements as a Scientist from sub-Sahara Africa, focusing on ‘climate resilience’ content contribution. This birthed an African initiative (
) that aims to form climate friendships; of activists and organisations.

Her favourite Quote

The natural world is the larger sacred community to which we belong. To be alienated from this community is to become destitute in all that makes us human. To damage this community is to diminish our own existence.

Thomas Berry


The Putrajaya International Built Environment, Technology and Engineering conference (PIBEC) 2017 held in Putrajaya
The Advanced Research on Business, Marketing and Management International Conference (ARBUMM) 2018 held in Penang
The International Congress on Technology- Engineering & Science (ICONTES) 2018 held in Kuala Lumpur and
The 6th Soil not Oil (SON) International Conference 2020, held online
Mock COP26 November (2020), held online


AfricaWorks talent database
Association of Construction Managers in Kenya (ACMK)
Future Females Business School
GRONEN Association
International Alliance for Localisation
Scientist for Future (S4F)
Women in Real Estate (WIRE)


Mbau, S. N. and Thiruchelvam, V. (2017) ‘An Early Warning System Model for the Resilience of Rural Kenya to Flash Floods’, Journal of Built Environment Technology and Engineering, 2, pp. 99–104

Nyambura, M. S., and Thiruchelvam, V. (2018) ‘A Flash Flood Early Warning System for Rural Kenya: A Pilot Study’, Advanced Science Letters

Mbau, S. N. and Thiruchelvam, V. (2018) ‘Flash Flood Warning Sub-Systems for Rural Africa’, International Journal of Engineering & Technology

Mbau, S. and Thiruchelvam, V. (2019) Nowcasts for Flash Floods in Rural Sub-Sahara Africa. Edited by H. Bachoo. Beau Bassin: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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