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Do you want to get closer to the heart of our mission? Consider volunteering with us! Get involved with LOABOWA kind: the initiative and our community. We believe that engaging the community increases awareness and reduces vulnerability.


For starters, we plan to have these projects (that address community climate issues) identified long before enlisting or engaging volunteers. These will be posted to the
‘active project update’
, highlighting how volunteers can help.
Volunteers will be enlisted to handle these projects as part of creating awareness and empowering them with knowledge on how to deal with the issues, for themselves and their communities.


In the past, we have enlisted volunteers to support the Afro Climate Warriors during planned continental climate action. The plan was for some to help with lead generation for the campaign on social media, while others (action buddies), actioned out the campaigns alongside the activists.


We invite you to be a part of our volunteers, for the various projects we plan to have on a one-by-one basis (one at a time approach). A strategy we use to get volunteers involved, is through relationships. We reach out to volunteers who’ve worked with us before, they then reach out to their friends and family, who go on and do the same. So on and so forth.

The other strategy we use is ‘signing up’. To sign up, feel free to contact us.

Final step

final step
for all volunteers is to read our
, after which we officially welcome them to our volunteer group.

a commitment to ‘LOABOWA’

Once volunteers are absorbed into a working group, they are assigned duties depending on their strengths, and the relevance of these to the project at hand. The plan is to undertake a project at a time, to allow everyone to learn and fully contribute to the process.


Sponsoring LOABOWA kind projects is a great community investment. It is an opportunity for you to align yourself with individuals, who are not only concerned for the environment, but are also willing to follow through with action. It will help create awareness of your corporate identity and portray a positive image. Your employees will also have the opportunity to get involved in environmental activities, that are good for the planet and their mental health (climate action is a form of therapy for those who are concerned about climate change).


We only encourage in-kind donations. With every planned project, there will be an ‘
active project update
. It will inform potential donors of the very specific items (in detail) required to execute projects, giving them an opportunity to get involved. On the other hand, you could follow our social media pages for updates.

To donate, for inquiries, clarifications or to give feedback, please feel free to contact us
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