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How to improve your customer service?

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How to improve your customer service?

Regardless of how great your product is, one of the things which customers will certainly remember is the quality of your customer service.
Mapping out the journey of your buyers significantly helps to visualize all touchpoints and stages the customer goes through while using your product. Zooming out and looking at the big picture helps to find flaws and gives opportunities to improve the quality of the customer service on each of the stages. It lets you close the glowing gaps in the journey of your customer through which they might have slipped.
On the , you can see the gaps in the persona's customer experience.
Gym Visitor Journey Map (1).png
For instance, on the stage of consideration, where Emily is choosing the gym she wants to exercise at, she doesn’t find any information about keeping the social distance on the organization’s website. For customers, it is essential to know about following anti-COVID measures since it affects their health in the first place. Publishing that information on the website will increase the level of trust of the clients and make them feel safer. That gives a feeling that this gym really cares about the health of its visitors and does everything possible to provide safe conditions for exercising.
Moreover, on the stage of trial, when Emily meets her trainer for the first time, she notices that there are many people in the cardio zone, and it doesn’t look like the distance between people is safe. In order to improve customer experience here, it would be great to place the equipment in the room according to the safety rules, to inform clients about the ways of keeping the distance on the personal training sessions, demonstrate or verbally explain exercises without physical interaction, ask clients to set speed, time, and other indicators themselves and show how busy the gym is at the certain moment of time via the app or on the website.
To improve customer service, you need to think from the customer’s perspective and identify what can make their experience better. Each case is unique, and it is impossible to set the universal rules which would fit every business. But if you think out of the box and the boundaries - you will be pleasantly surprised with the quick response from your clients!

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