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Discussion: Equitability and Accessibility

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💡 Core Ability:
🎯 Purpose
This discussion forum asks you to consider the idea of equitability, giving each student what they need as they need it, and how accessible design is an equity practice. In practicing accessible design, this discussion forum asks you to choose a persona from the to experience your course from that person's perspective.
🎒 Task
Visit to find out about how to use personas and select one of the six personas presented.
Go to your DEV course and choose one Canvas page, one assignment, and one video/audio/graphic element (if applicable) to examine.
Set your course to "Student View." (You may need to publish your course modules and pages to see all of the elements you selected)
Evaluate your course design decisions based on how well you think the character you have chosen might be able to interact with your DEV course.
❓ Prompt
Explain the persona you chose.
What challenges might the student face in navigating your course?
What changes could you make to improve your course accessibility for that student?
🎨 Format
Writing, audio or a video presentation
🧰 Resources
: This link takes you to the Teaching Communities course where you will be prompted to enroll. Once enrolled, you will be able to review the module about screencast and recordings.
🔐 Tips for Success
Try to empathize with the persona and use their lens to navigate your course
offers great tips on basic accessible design in Canvas
is a great resource for accessibility

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