Assignment: Infographics

🎯 Purpose
Infographics represent a creative way of presenting information. When you information is presented in an engaging way, it promotes a better user experience. For this activity, you will address the provided prompt by designed a digital poster/infographics.
Insert goals/learning outcomes here
📋 Prerequisite
Completion of assigned reading
🎒 Task
✅ Create a poster/infographics and to (copy learning objective or the skill this activity assesses) and share in this discussion activity DUE THURSDAY
✅ Reply to two classmates DUE SUNDAY
❓ Prompt
(Insert your activity prompt here)
🎨 Format
or another online poster-making software
Critical note: (here is the place where you address common mistakes by students in the past or crucial information to help students succeed)
🧰 Resources
🔐 Tips for Success

🟢 This activity was set up as complete or incomplete as a way to reward your work. Meet all requirements to obtain a "complete" grade, which is equivalent to 100%.
🟢 Address the prompt thoroughly by incorporating all the knowledge we have learned to date
🟢 Demonstrate Bloom's Taxonomy by analyzing, applying, evaluating and creating.
🟢 Bring out your creativeness. Use phrases instead of sentences to engage the readers.
🟢 If you select as your designing software, make sure you choose the BASIC plan that is free. Once you have successfully used a template to create a poster/flyer, do save it to your computer in order to upload it to Canvas later.
🟢 I encourage you to explore designing software such as Sway. It has amazing digital magazine features.
⌚ Time Commitment
2 hours

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