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Assignment: Infographics

💡 Core Ability:

🎯 Purpose

Infographics represent a creative way of presenting information. When your information is presented in an engaging way, it promotes a better learning experience. For this activity, you will address the provided prompt by designing a digital poster/infographics.

📋 Prerequisite

Completion of assigned reading

🎒 Task

✅ Create a poster/infographics and to illustrate one aspect of the Egyptian society (such as art, religion, architecture, trade, military, math and science, writing etc.)and share in this discussion activity DUE THURSDAY
✅ Read and like your classmates’ infographics (replying is optional)

❓ Prompt

Illustrate one aspect of the Egyptian society (such as art, religion, architecture, trade, military, math and science, writing etc.)

🎨 Format

or another online poster-making software with pictures and written descriptions
Critical note: Please use your own words and what you learned from the reading instead of copying the reading verbatim. If you reference outside sources, be sure to cite them to avoid plagiarism concerns.
Post your digital poster by clicking on the “reply” button in the discussion

🧰 Resources

🔐 Tips for Success

🟢 This activity was set up as complete or incomplete as a way to reward your work. Meet all requirements to obtain a "complete" grade, which is equivalent to 100%.
🟢 Address the prompt thoroughly by incorporating all the knowledge we have learned to date
🟢 Demonstrate Bloom's Taxonomy by analyzing, applying, evaluating and creating.
🟢 Bring out your creativeness. Use phrases instead of sentences to engage the readers.
🟢 If you select as your designing software, make sure you choose the BASIC plan that is free. Once you have successfully used a template to create a poster/flyer, download it and save it to your computer in order to upload it to Canvas later. You can download a PNG file and upload it to the discussion as a picture.
🟢 I encourage you to explore designing software such as Sway. It has amazing digital magazine features.
It is mindboggling to see the variety of food the ancient peoples get to enjoy, which is no longer appreciated in the modern times

⌚ Time Commitment

2 hours

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