Traveling Planner

Welcome to your personal trip planner!

Forget tracking your trips in a Google Doc or notepad. Keep all your plans in one place and see the information exactly how you need it with this Coda doc!
You’re looking forward to a well-deserved vacation. You can imagine the sandy beaches, the late night bars, and flooring it down a scenic highway. You feel motivated, but then comes the planning. If you’re anything like me, you want each day to at least be roughly planned out, but collecting details on the things I want to do soon becomes unorganized and turns into a headache.
Where did I put the reservations? Where did I upload the photos? Did I make a calendar event? Did I bookmark a link for the event?
No more.

Keep all your research and hard work in one doc. Input data into a and never struggle finding all events grouped by a day. Scroll through an autogenerated and . View images in a stunning . Break down your . Sync events between this doc and . All these features, pages, and links are connected in real time, so you can plan with less hassle.
Ready? Let’s plan your trip ⛱
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Add every event you want to accomplish here → . Your events populate the Table
Create one row for each “thing” you want to do.
Fill out whatever details are important to you.
Open up the pages under to see the benefit of tracking your trip in one place.
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