Why Choose LiFEePO4 Batteries?

LiFePO4 battery Australia-min.jpg
LiFePO4 Oz offers a high-quality . The LiFePO4 Batteries offer a lot of benefits over other energy storage solutions. They have a longer lifespan, requiring next to no maintenance once set up. They are regarded as one of the safest batteries, lightweight, and have higher charged and discharged efficiency. LiFePO4 cells can last up to 5000 cycles of charging and you can safely use 80% of their storage capacity without any degradation, unlike other batteries. These batteries come with high power density which means they are relatively light and small in size with higher usable storage capacity. They have a faster-charging capability and better discharge rates making them a great choice for motorhomes, caravans, 4WDs, boats, and Off-Grid Living.
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