Shop Now LiFePO4 BMS 12V EVE 304AH Battery Pack Kit With 250A Deligreen Smart BMS - LiFePO4 BMS.

A BMS in LiFePO4 BMS 12v is called as the Battery Management System responsible for advanced monitoring and management. it can be called as the brain behind the battery pack and plays a critical role in its levels of safety, performance, charge rates, longevity.
Our LiFePO4 Battery Kit is made up of:
1-) 4*3.2v LiFePO4 EVE 304AH Cells.
2-) 1*250Amp 4s Deligreen Smart BMS.
3-) 1 4S BMS Cable.
4-) 3* Copper Bus Bars.
5-) 5* Ring Terminal Connectors.
6-) 8*6M Nuts.
Our Kit is Perfect for building your own power bank for caravans, RV's Motorhomes or Electric Vehicle Conversions. are around half the weight as AGM or Lead Acid batteries with higher charge cycles. they are also more stable than other lithium iron(Li-ion) batteries.
For More Information feel free to contact us we will be happy to help you.

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