LiFePO4 30A MPPT LiFePO4 Solar Charge Controller

solar charge 1.jpg
What is Solar Charge Controller?
The Solar Charge Controller plays a very vital role in a solar panel system with a battery with an off-grid system.
Their main job is to act as a Charge regulator for the electricity going into the battery bank from solar energy. In
other words, we can say that a charge controller controls the battery to not get overcharged during the day and at night to ensure that they do not send their stored power back to solar panels.
How LiFePO4 Solar Charge Controller is different from Other Charge controllers?
falls under the category of one of the best solar charge controllers you can get in the
market with an affordable range and comes with free shipping all over Australia. Some of the Features of the LiFePO4 Charge Controller are-
1-) Strong case with mounting brackets.
2-) Massive 30A Charging Current.
3-) Temperature Sensor Which auto adjusts power output.
4-) Intelligent LCD and LED Display.
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