Brief About Eve 304AH 3.2v LiFePo4 Cells

LifePo4 Cells.jpg
LiFePO4 304Ah 3.2V is also called a Lithium - Ion Phosphate battery. If you want a LiFePO4 12V Battery you will need to connect 4 in series, or 8 cells for a 24V system. but Make sure you use a BMS (Battery Management System) with a temperature sensor when connecting in series to ensure safety and longevity.
Some Features of LiFePo4 304Ah 3.2V -
1-) Grade, New, with all test reports.
2-) High Power Performance.
3-) Highly safe.
4-) High Gravimetric and Volumetric Power Density.
5-) High Energy Density.
6-) High discharge rate.
7-) Long cycle life.
Return and Refund Policy - We aim to sell high-quality products but as with life, it doesn't always go to plan. As such if you receive a product that does not work as described you need to let us know within 30 days to receive a replacement product. For knowing more about feel free to visit the website.
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