Description and wordlists for master classes on March 15

A detailed description of the master classes is available here:
11:00💡 D`anna knows how to make your day better: how to make time when you have no time
13:00 🧐 You Haven't Heard This with Nikola (30 min)
15:00 ✈️ Online Walking Tour with Mateja live: socialist time in Slovenia
16:00 🆕✈️ Online Walking Tour Belgium with Daria live: The center of Brussels
17:00 🎲 Word puzzle game with Uros
18:00 🧠 How Does Your Brain Work? Find Out with Marney: Emotional intelligence and its correlation with IQ
19:00 ⚡️ Self - study: Career & Self-development
20:00 🎲 Alias game with Vukan
21:00 🙌🏻 Psychology with Gordana. Fear in today's society: What are we, as human beings afraid of and how fear is damaging us
22:00 🎼 Write a Song with Juccas

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