Description and wordlists for master classes on March 01

A detailed description of the master classes is available here:
11:00 💡 D`anna knows how to make your day better: A guide to figuring out your purpose
13:00 🗞 Daily News with Nikola (30 min)
14:00 🆕✈️ Excursion in Oslo with Diana: Take a look at the old and the new city live
16:00 ☘️ Wellness with Lynn: Nutrition Supplements
17:00 🎲 Word puzzle game with Uros
18:00 🧠 How Does Your Brain Work? Find Out with Marney: Neuroscience of Happiness and Laughter
19:00 🏅 HIIT workout with Berk
20:00 🎲 Alias game with Vukan
21:00 🤗 Psychology with Gordana. Depression: Stages and how to recognize them, how to help yourself and others
22:00 🎤 Write a Song with Juccas

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