Description and wordlists for master classes on February 23

A detailed description of the master classes is available here:
09:00 ☕️ Morning Coffee with the Life Coach Ayanda
11:00 ⚡️ Build Your Confidence with Nina: Pain demands to be felt (30 min)
13:00 🗞 Daily news with Nikola (30 min)
14:00 💄 Daily Make-up with Daria: Guide to makeup brushes
15:00 🆕✈️ Walking Tour with Anita live: A walk along the shores of Croatia's Vrana Lake
16:00 🆕 Content is King, but Marketing is Queen with Brenda
17:00 🍀 Wellness with Lynn: Optimal Wellness for the Stress, Sleep and Immune Health cycle
18:00 🎲 Would you rather game
19:00 ✈️ Excursion in Padova (Italy) with Flavio: popular sports in Veneto region live
20:00 🆕🐍 Large Reptiles of South Africa with Corrie
21:00 💭 Inside the criminal minds with Gordana
22:00 🧐 Find Out More About England with Wesley: Why I love England

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