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OCIPD Friday Update

OCIPD Friday Update

Friday Update

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Friday Update
Dear OCIPD Staff:
National Instructional Coach Appreciation Day
Thanks to Twitter for informing us that November 4th is in fact National Instructional Coach Appreciation Happy Instructional Coach day to each and every one of you! Your thoughtful work is appreciated not just by us, but by teachers and administrators alike. Thank you for leading LBUSD’s instructional focus into the future!

Thank You:
Jenn and Jandella for sharing their unit resources with Principal Supervisors at their Lab Day Monday morning. Principal supervisors and executive staff, including Dr. Baker shared their appreciation for the opportunity to walk through an ELA Unit and all of the accompanying resources that teachers have access to in support of their instruction. Dr. Baker emailed stating that she “was blown away by the evolution of your work (having witnessed it over time), especially the ways that culturally relevant teaching, criticality and joy are embedded into the materials.” Thank you also to both ELA curriculum teams for the behind the scenes work to ensure the evolution of unit guide continues, centering students and teachers.
The Multilingual Office staff for presenting an update of the work the office is leading on Tuesday at the Board workshop. Olga, Darith and Martha presented the work of the entire office, so all of you should be very proud of all of the work that is emerging.
Leo, Amy and Pam for being such great supports to our new certificated staff today in Onboarding and facilitating critical department learning.

Happy Birthday: This coming week we celebrate Chris Clifton’s birthday (11th).

Nice Emails:
Received by the Multilingual Office:
Dear Sandra,
Thank you so much for supporting Jefferson's ELL efforts.
We are really excited to have the Rosetta Stone and to get in-person PD from you and David.
I am hopeful our ELLs will feel supported this year.
Great job!
Connie, Connie Magee Ed.D., Principal-Jefferson Leadership Academy
Not an Email, but worth Sharing:
At Wednesday’s Board meeting, several students from Poly and Wilson, representing their Green Schools teams, gave a shout-out to Kristy Freund-McFeggan. They talked about how great she is and how excited they are that she has been assigned the role of supporting their efforts. If you have ever watched a board meeting, you know that it is very unusual for people to come and sing the praises of an employee, so Kudos to Kristy.
District Updates:
Your Attendance at Work on 11/12
Employee Relations has asked that we share these letters with all of our employees:

Substitute Shortage Next Week: Action Required for ALL Certificated Staff
We are currently facing a shortage of substitute teachers in the district, and right after the Veteran’s Day holiday next Thursday, it appears that we may have a large number of absent teachers that Friday, November 12th. Currently there are many jobs that have not been picked up by subs. For this reason, we are asking all certificated staff to hold that day, in the event that we are needed to substitute. We’d like to place volunteers first (those who are itching to spend some time with kids…) and once I see the need and how many volunteers we have, we will know if we need to assign others. We hope to know by Wednesday how many are needed. To help me make this happen, please use to indicate your availability.
See the district’s for lots of great information

OCIPD-Department Updates:
Instructional Leadership Team (Certificated Staff)
As we have done in the past, we are inviting each of our certificated staff members to identify one ILT session that aligns most closely with their responsibilities and to attend that session. We will not be enrolling you via myPD, so we are sharing the Canvas course links below, so you can enroll in the section most aligned to your work. The Zoom link for each session, along with the pre-work, can be found on the home page. Please DO NOT share these links with anyone outside of our department. Thank you.
Canvas Self-Enroll Link (Do not share)
Elementary: November 9
Elementary: November 10
Elementary: November 16
MS/K8: December 7
MS/K8: December 8
MS/K8: December 9
HS: November 30
HS: December 1
HS: December 2

OCIPD-Office Updates:
Secondary Math, Super Cute Shirts!!!
Calendar Updates:
11/10 Classified Staff: Our classified clerical team will meet on Wednesday Nov. 10 from 1:15 - 3:45 at TRC for Course Creation on MyPD.
11/15 Certificated Staff: Please note that this meeting has been extended an hour to 11:00 am in order to provide certificated staff with a 2 hr iReady workshop. We are working with Research to give all certificated OCIPD staff access to the iReady platform.
Teacher participation/Engagement in Virtual PD
As was the case this summer, teachers who are being paid to attend meetings and/or training sessions are expected to use laptops or desktops (not phones) with cameras on.
In response to limited teacher participation during virtual teacher professional development sessions, Lisa D and the ES Math office developed the following language to add to Session Overviews and reminders:
Elementary Math Training Participant Expectations:
Please note that the Math Trainings are interactive learning opportunities. Participants will need to use camera-enabled laptops or desktops as you will be expected to keep your camera on and use all features of Zoom as well as access various documents during training. If you are not able to meet these expectations, we are hopeful to provide these learning opportunities again at a later date when we are able to have in-person training.
Feel free to modify as needed for your own virtual PD sessions.

Updates from Other Departments:
Personnel Commission:
We at the Personnel Commission in collaboration with Long Beach College Promise and LBCC will be conducting our 3rd job fair in the last two months. The event will be held on the LBCC – PCC campus on Tuesday, November 9 from 9:00 – 3:00p.m.
Just some inside information for you …
· Participants are able to complete applications on line at the event
· Representatives for specific positions… Recreation Aides, Child Care Workers, Instructional Aide Specials, WRAP, Kids Club, CDC, Nutrition Services, and HRS have been on site to answer questions
· For some positions the applicants will be able to test on the same day and even interviewed (pending final approval of documentation)
As of today LBCC has received over 200 RSVPS for this event.
Based on the large volume of potential applicants and new hires to LBUSD we are reaching out to you and or potential team members who would be able to join us and help at this event on Tuesday, 11/9/2021 (9:00 – 3:00). For those who are able to join us, we will be providing lunch (see Apple Spice menu).
We look forward to participants connecting and seeing the faces of LBUSD as they venture to join our LBUSD family. Note to OCIPD Classified Staff: If you are interested in helping out, please let Patricia know the hours you will be able to help and she will get you the lunch menu to place the order.
Research Office Update
Please see this week’s update at the following link:
Signing up for site coverage:
There are still spots open for next week (11/8) and I have added the week of 11/15. You can access the sign up sheet .
Please submit your questions
See continuously updated Q&A

Interesting Data From EdWeek:
Synopsis of Education Related Politics from CSBA:
Have a great weekend!

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