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Ada Chen Rekhi
What I offer
I offer 1-on-1 coaching to founders who are scaling their teams to the next level and looking for a partner as they scale themselves. Some examples of topic areas we might work on:

building systems and habits to scale as a leader/manager
A short bio
I’m a founder and marketing exec turned exec coach for founders. I have over a decade of experience advising startups in growth and marketing and my coaching practice is focused on founders scaling themselves alongside scaling their businesses. I’ve founded two companies, Notejoy (collaborative notes app for individuals and teams) and Connected (contact management without the work, acquired by LinkedIn) and was previously SVP Marketing at SurveyMonkey.
Alex Sandu June 2022.png
Alex Irina Sandu
What I offer
I work with co-founders and start-up leaders to build and refine their business and product strategy and prepare for fundraising. This includes:
Market definition, sizing and evaluation: Understanding deeply, at the business and competitive level, the environment you operate in and the market that you will capture is essential to successful launch and fundraising.
Customer segmentation and targeting: Segmenting your market the right way and focusing on the types of customers with the potential for your business is key to proving Product-Market Fit.
A short bio
My Strategy Management expertise stems from the 10 years I have worked in the tech industry. Before coming to San Francisco 7 years ago, I built and managed international cross-functional teams in Bucharest (Romania), Paris (France) and Berlin (Germany). I have managed projects spanning key tech verticals, such as media, browsers, mobile, VR & AR, gaming. I built and implemented company-wide strategy for market entry (new products), differentiation and adoption (mass market software) and short- and long-term resource planning. I have build up teams to drive market research, competitive analysis and customer value proposition development.I am experienced in driving Go / No Go decisions, writing and presenting for C-Suite and board-level stakeholders and leading cross-functional planning processes.
Ally Sprague
What I offer
1:1 coaching
A short bio
Ally is a Leadership Coach helping high-performing leaders at transition points find clarity and confidence. She partners with her clients to help them navigate their most meaningful challenges: finding voice and identity as a leader, making fulfilling and aligned career decisions, balancing ambition and presence. At its core, her work is about developing a deeper, more honest understanding of your inner world than ever before, and as a result, helping you create a life you're proud of. Outside of her coaching practice, Ally advises seed stage companies on product strategy, volunteers as a suicide prevention counselor, and facilitates a women's discussion group about sexual fulfillment.
Aman Manik
What I offer
Becoming a PM
Interview prep
Organization help
A short bio
I’ve coached 100s of folks wanting to get jobs in tech. SF-native, split time between Paris and SF, PM for 9 years. Box → Symantec → Founder (Acquired) → Square → Alan
Poggiali Giacomo - Copia.jpg
Andrea Giacomo Poggiali
What I offer
Early-stage founders Coaching Business Design coaching Product Discovery coaching Validation as a service Growth Product Management coaching
A short bio
ex First/founding PM in 3 early-stage startups, turned Product Coach for Early-stage founders
Andrew Capland
What I offer
I help people leading early-stage growth teams increase their influence, improve their operating system, deliver more value in their roles, and feel better doing it.
A short bio
Hey I’m Andrew, a former 2x head of growth. Now, I coach and mentor other members of the growth community.
andrew SU headshot.jpeg
Andrew Skotzko
What I offer
Leadership & org coaching for product leaders & founders Product coaching for IC PMs I bring a x-functional background (been PM, engineer, marketer, founder)
A short bio
Experienced product leader & founder. I focus a lot on leadership & strong org design.
Andy Sparks
What I offer
My coaching is a combination of strategic & tactical advice and inquiry-driven self-exploration. For most founders, we meet every other week for one hour. I don’t do big minimum periods, because if it doesn’t feel right working together after one session then we should part ways (this has never happened, by the way!). I can also facilitate off-sites, help you collect 360 feedback, and more.
A short bio
Andy is an executive coach to startup founders, the former founder of Holloway and Mattermark, and an author. He works with twenty founders and executives ranging from seed stage to IPO.
Becca Camp
What I offer
Fearless Femmes is a powerful community of 100+ women in product + a six-month program of group meetings paired with a powerful course on confident leadership.
A short bio
Changing the world by getting women promoted to product leadership. Founder of the Fearless Femmes community.
BravePath Coaching and Recruiting
What I offer
1-1 Career and Leadership Coaching for PM, UX and Eng Leaders
A short bio
Product people who happen to be coaching, not certified coaches who happen to know some product people. Founded by Andrew Shearer, former senior product leader at eBay, PayPal, and Expedia, BravePath is a small firm where we help grow cross-functional product teams (PM, UX and Engineering) for software product companies through coaching and recruiting services.
Charlene Wang
What I offer
I help founders, creators, and leaders find their key values and solve their top problems in 20min. Wall of love:
A short bio
Charlene Wang is the founder of LivingOS, where she helps people make value-based decisions in work and life. She has spent years coaching professionals and has pioneered the value coaching practice to help entrepreneurs, creators, and leaders solve key problems effectively. Charlene is also an angel investor, author of Model Breakers, and product manager at Google.
Christina Weiss
What I offer
1on1 coaching for new & aspiring product managers and product leaders
A short bio
I'm a product consultant & coach with 10 years of experience in product management, software development, and digital health.
Cissy Chen
What I offer
Empathetic, action-oriented leadership coaching for PMs and product leaders:
Transitioning to new role (leadership or otherwise)
Leading through ambiguity or chaos
A short bio
I love understanding people & patterns. I use patterns learned from my consumer product leadership experience from LinkedIn and Sequoia-backed startup Citizen to inform my personalized, inquiry-based coaching approach to help you solve your current problems and learn how to solve similar problems in the future. I am skilled at bringing clarity to chaotic situations. I've developed a product leadership style that relies on deep user empathy, first principles, and servant leadership. My teammates have most appreciated my ability to to build teams, build consensus, communicate, and lead from the heart.
Daniel Lu
What I offer
Your first year as a product manager
Having “good form” as a product manager
Getting to Senior Product Manager
A short bio
I am currently a Group Product Manager at Dropbox. I’ve coached and mentored over 20 PMs ranging from new college grads to managers of PMs. I’m fortunate enough to have coached across different genders and ethnic backgrounds. I do both short-term and long-term, ongoing coaching. Most of the time I help people get "unstuck" in their job or career.
Daniel Shiner
What I offer
1-1 coaching for product managers, with a special focus on new product leaders. See here for the main areas I can help:
A short bio
I’ve helped take a product and team through the entire lifecycle: from early startup, through fundraising, scale, exit and integration into the acquiring organization. I did this as the first PM at Hubdoc, where we raised funds, grew the team and revenue exponentially and eventually were acquired by Xero (). I then joined Xero as a VP Product, leading a portfolio of 11 product teams as well as the integration of Hubdoc into the core Xero product. I am now bootstrapping a product on my own, and reserving some bandwidth (5 - 10 hours a week) for product consulting and coaching.

How I Can Help:
slack profile.png
Daniela Walter
What I offer
1 to 1 consultations Personality assessment Corporate coaching Executive coaching
A short bio
Senior corporate exec working primarily in Education space, transitioned into Founder. I love to work with people who need help navigating their career progression or aspiring to quit boring jobs and start their own business to build something meaningful. Fully trained coach, working with professionals, businesses and execs.
new-lenny-photo (1).jpg
Dave Bailey
What I offer
1) , a cohort-based coaching program that helps scale-up CEOs crystallise their big-picture strategy, vision and value proposition, and communicate it to their team, investors and customers with clarity. .
2) (at capacity). I work with CEOs of tech companies with 25-250 employees that have raised growth capital (Series A, B or C) from top-tier funds such as Accel, Index, Felix, Lakestar, Draper Espirit, Stride, Connect, LocalGlobe, SpeedInvest, Berengea, Concentric and Oxford Capital..

A short bio
Hi, I'm Dave and I'm a London-based CEO coach. Over the last 12 years, I've co-founded multiple VC-backed tech businesses, including Delivery Hero (IPO), Ezlearn (acquired) and Spotnight (RIP!). I also spent two years in VC, investing in seed and Series A startups.

As you can imagine, I made many mistakes along the way, and being a coach gives me the chance to provide other entrepreneurs with the emotional support, thought partnership and practical guidance I wish I'd had.
Dexter Zhuang
What I offer
Tailored 1-on-1 coaching for founders and product leaders to solve for gaps in product leadership, and in effect, accelerating the startup’s growth journey.
I blend my practical industry experience with an insights-based approach.
Example areas of focus:
A short bio
I’m a product leader, coach, and advisor at early to mid-stage startups. For the past 9+ years, I've been building and growing products at top tech companies across Silicon Valley & Southeast Asia like Dropbox, Xendit, and Creativelive. Throughout this journey, I've worked across a variety of industries (SaaS, fintech, edtech), scale ($10M to $1B revenue), models (B2B & B2C) and geographies (North America, Southeast Asia). I've led a product org with 70+ cross-functional staff and 11 reports, launched 0-to-1 products, ran 200+ experiments reaching 20M+ people, and shipped features that delivered tens of millions in revenue impact. As a coach and advisor, I’ve helped early-stage founders and product leaders on topics like product strategy, leadership, hiring, and managing career growth.
Diana Stepner
What I offer
Launching a product is hard. Building an empowered product team is even harder.
Product leadership coaching via
A short bio
Diana is a Silicon Valley native and annual skateboarder with 15+ years of international product leadership experience building, mentoring, and advising global product teams.
linkedin 1.jpg
Dianna Yau
What I offer
PM coaching: transition into PM, and succeeding as a product leader
Career coaching: creating a plan for job transitions in tech or getting promoted
Startup advising: coaching founders in the consumer product space, emerging market startups
A short bio
Dianna’s a senior PM @ Facebook building products to help the next billion come online in emerging markets. Prior to FB, she worked on strategy, and marketing at IBM, Google and Rocket Internet. Her passion for emerging markets led her to advise startups in Latin America, Asia and Africa and host the podcast “Emerging Market Startups.” She’s equally obsessed with helping people succeed in their careers and have spent thousands of hours coaching people to land PM roles and tech jobs.
Headshot 5.jpg
Eric Metelka
What I offer
Creating strategy and vision
Writing narratives and presenting
Saying no (nicely)
A short bio
I am a Lead Product Manager at Cameo. Throughout my career, I've enjoyed working on both sides of marketplace businesses to drive revenue through supply and demand growth. Past companies: G2 (employee 12), PowerReviews, Spothero. I’ve managed and mentored many PMs - often those beginning their PM journey or looking to get to the senior PM level. In particular I specialize in teaching strategy and vision, which are some of the hardest skills for PMs to master, but are absolutely critical to the advancement of their career. Saying “no” while keeping my partners onboard is my superpower.
20201001_163440 (1) copy (1).jpg
Flora Devlin
What I offer
Product coaching - either 1:1 or team coaching sessions for start up product leaders
A short bio
I’m Flora - a trained coach and experienced product leader. I’ve worked in product & data science for the past 10 years. My last full time role was at Monzo where I was a product director - I managed a team of product managers and led the strategy, vision and direction for about 50 people. I also worked as CPO for Monzo over the summer of 2020. Before that I worked in both product and data science at Intercom in Dublin & London and Hootsuite in Vancouver, Canada. I have always been passionate about roles that are creative, collaborative and involve solving real problems for people. This year I have trained as a coach and started my own consultancy and coaching business. I've experienced the transformative effect of coaching myself and as I've started to coach others I've found that I love going on that journey of growth with my clients. My product experience gives me the context to ask challenging and relevant questions and also offer my perspective when useful. I love working with founders and heads of product and supporting them to grow and achieve their goals.
2022-01-14-Garrett-Mehrguth-0781-JPEG - 2048px - 80 quality.jpg
Garrett Mehrguth
What I offer
I have found the following areas are where I spend most my time helping execs:
How can we improve our margins?
A short bio
From selling $5 gigs on Fivver, we bootstrapped and built the largest SaaS marketing agency in the world. Along this journey, I have had countless coaches who helped me along the way. Now, I am deeply passionate about coaching founders/CEO’s on how to best reach their vision.
WhatsApp Image 2019-12-19 at 23.00.11.jpeg
Hilary Johnson
What I offer
I offer:
Individual 1:1 product coaching
Team product coaching
A short bio
Hello! I’m Hilary, a Remote Product Coach and Product Leader. I have 8+ years experience in the tech industry working with names such as ustwo, The Body Coach, and Monzo. I have been a Product Manager myself and have built and led teams as a Product Team Manager and a Head of Product. I have also built a freelance career advising and consulting with small companies and large corporates. This means I have developed deep experience with the opportunities and challenges that come with successfully building a portfolio career. In addition to my remote coaching practice, I work with Mind the Product to train and coach Product Managers.
Ilya Blokh
What I offer
Working closely with founders to help them apply product best practices
Working closely with founders to create or refine product vision and strategy
Helping companies get better at rapid product discovery and validation
A short bio
After 12 years of doing product in house (most recently running the product team at Blinkist), I moved into advising, consulting and coaching in 2021. Since then I’ve worked with over 20 companies, most in the earlier stages, to help them improve how they do product. I focus especially on strong product leadership and culture, good product discovery and shifting towards a leaner, experiment driven approach.
I currently live in Berlin and work remotely with clients across the world. In my spare time I do video editing and work on a non-profit supporting volunteers in Ukraine.
Janet Bumpas
What I offer
1:1 and team coaching
Workshops and training
A short bio
I help Product Managers, Product Leaders, founders and CEOs accomplish their goals. I have worked in 3 Silicon Valley startups and have been coaching and training now for 7 years
Jaz Broughton
What I offer
Signature Coaching:
8 coaching sessions in a 6 month container, with vision setting, disc profiling, unlimited email support and bespoke resources

A short bio
As the daughter of 2 multi-hyphenate parents I knew my career would be anything but traditional, when you send your first invoice at 14 you get a sense of creativity and innovation that doesn’t sit well in a box. Through my experience in hospitality, real estate and now tech I’ve experienced burnout, promotion, pivot, 1.5 university degrees, toxic environments, support environments and everything in between. I'm here to help you embrace your ambition so you can reach personal goals through coaching. The game has changed and careers are full of opportunity, uncertainty and adventure. It's time to play big and go for what you want, boldly, unapologetically and in spite of the challenges you face. The best part? You already have everything you need; I'd love to show you what I mean.
Jean Kang
What I offer
1-1 Career Coaching or Group Coaching
Gain career clarity and navigate imposter syndrome
Craft a winning resume and level up your job search
A short bio
7x career pivoter, Senior Program Manager (PgM) @ Figma (ex-Meta, Pinterest, Intuit, Linkedin) and now Coach/Founder helping pivoters land dream Program Manager jobs without PMP certifications and connect with me on Linkedin: I’ve helped professionals find their voice, discover their career purpose and strengths, target the right PM roles, and walk with confidence into the unknown to land their dream gigs.
Joachim Kaupenjohann
What I offer
Supporting on Growth Strategy
Refining Growth Loops
Optimizing Sales Processes
A short bio
I am Joachim and work on all things Growth.
Lead growth for five B2B marketplaces and SaaS (4 management roles, 1 “operating consultant”)
Focus on pre-seed to series B companies
Joni Hoadley
What I offer
1:1 private coaching for people who: ✅ need help figuring out the best path in prod mgmt ✅ are starting a new PM role and want to be as successful as possible ✅ want to make a career transition and would like help with the hiring process ✅ are feeling stuck and aren’t sure what to do next ✅ want to become better at product management
A short bio
With more than 20 years of experience as a software product management leader, I’m on a mission to help people accelerate their product management careers. If you are unsure about how to grow your product management career or need help strategizing your next career move, I can help you evaluate where you’re at, explore the options for your future and create a career roadmap that will excite and fulfill you.
Joshua Herzig-Marx
What I offer
I help early-stage product leaders through coaching and mentorship. This includes:
Founders w/o a Product background
Solo PMs
A short bio
For the past 15 years I've been the first product leader at very early stage organizations (including my own startup, where we exited to Google).
Katerina Slonimsky
What I offer
Early stage startups CEO coaching
Product-led growth
First growth/PM hiring
A short bio
VP Product and Growth at London-based group of healthtech startups. 7 + years as a Start up Advisor. Seasoned product-led growth leader with more than 15 years of building and scaling products in startups. Passionate about solving tough business problems and disrupting the traditional industries via tech.
Katherine Hosie.jpg
Katherine Hosie
What I offer
Leadership Coaching
CEO and Founder Coaching
C-Level Coaching
A short bio
I have well over 10,000 hours of coaching experience since 2003 and my education includes a Master of Applied Science in Evidence-Based Coaching Psychology (MSc.CoachPsych). I specialize in Leadership, Men, and Transition, helping my clients transform into their best, most sustainable selves and create the organizations and lives that inspire and energize them. I love my work.
Ken Norton
What I offer
Individual 1-on-1 coaching for experienced product managers and product leaders. Below are just a few areas I focus on:
Developing as a product leader
Finding your purpose as a product manager
A short bio
Before becoming a full-time product leadership coach, I spent more than fourteen years in product management at Google, building products that are now used by more than three billion people worldwide.
Alt Headshot Close small.jpeg
Kenneth Berger
What I offer
1:1 and team coaching for startup leaders.
A short bio
Kenneth Berger coaches startup leaders to fend off burnout, build deep trust with their teams, and leave their unique mark on the world at large. As a trusted confidant to startup CEOs, an Accel and a16z-backed founder, and one of Slack’s earliest hires, he’s seen and felt all the needless pain startups can create. His mission is to help startup leaders minimize their suffering, maximize their impact, and find peace and balance in their lives.
Kevin Rice
What I offer
I coach founders, CTOs, VPs, and other senior leaders at fast growing tech companies to help them grow and become significantly more effective and inspiring leaders. When working with me, you’ll gain a much deeper understanding of yourself, your goals, and what’s getting in the way, all while achieving more in a shorter amount of time than ever before.
A short bio
I am an engineering executive turned coach, previously holding roles as Director of Engineering at Airbnb and VP of Engineering at Yub (acquired by Quotient Technology). Throughout my career, I've always been most fulfilled when helping people and building deep personal connections, which is what led me to become a coach.
MV logo.png
Laure Cast
What I offer
Workshops on value proposition discovery and design
Product coaching on strategy, customer discovery, and innovation
Consulting on strategy, understanding customer motives and values, and user research
A short bio
At Maximum Value, we train and coach product teams to implement value discover and create Maximum Value Propositions to drive customer adoption, retention, and product innovation. We help teams develop customer-centric mindsets, a practice of interviewing, and strategic focus to create alignment and clarity. Our team of Alan Albert and Laure X Cast have experience in B2B and B2C, large companies and early-stage startups. Alan co-founded three software companies, selling one — FileMaker Pro — to Apple Computer. Laure is an entrepreneur whose past roles include Head of Research at Marco Polo app, Senior Product Manager at Notion, and Chief Storyteller at Olark. We share a deep curiosity about people and solving real problems that customers care about.
Liam Kinney
What I offer
Starting and growing a product team from zero to 1 — I’ve done it twice. An AI researcher’s approach to product management Experience working with the worst executives imaginable (don’t worry, not in my current role) Biting witticisms
A short bio
CPO at Canal. Thought leader in e-commerce. Former Head of AI, turned product wonk. We’ve met briefly.
LZ Headshot.png
Lisa Zanr
What I offer
1:1 Product Management Career Coaching with Lisa Zane I help early-stage PMs navigate their careers more consciously through coaching that is personal, flexible & holistic.
A short bio
I’m an Ex-Google PM turned solopreneur. I help early-stage (0-5 years of experience) product managers navigate their careers more consciously - in more ethical, holistic, intuitive, ethical, inclusive, sustainable, and accessible ways - through personalized coaching & practical tools. I transitioned into product management from biomechanics and journalism and I understand how hard it is to get your foot in the door and establish a career in product. Over the past 10 years I’ve built a specialization in taking early-stage moonshot startups from 0-1 in the digital health and wearables spaces. I’ve got experience working on hardware and software - from smart glasses to inertial measurement units, and mobile apps to purchasing flows; read: dealing with a ton of unknowns!
Luca Headshot May 2021.jpeg
Luca Beltrami
What I offer
PM Career Coaching PM Skills Coaching One off problem solving/ sounding board
A short bio
Head of Retailer Products at Faire, 5+ years as Airbnb PM and PM Lead, where I led the Marketplace Dynamics Team (Pricing, Cancellations, Monetization). Trained in individual and team coaching at Stanford Graduate School of Business (Arbuckle Leadership Fellow Program), led multiple PM mentorship programs at Airbnb, former startup founder
Lucy 2.jpg
Lucy Chen
What I offer
Job search coaching (identifying career path, creating your narrative/brand/resume/LI, networking/applying, prepping for interviews/mocks)
On the job success from long-term to tactical (career planning, onboarding to new job, navigating organizations, PM fundamentals, moving up/promotions)
I also offer tailored coaching packages and services for people. To get started, please book an intro call here: so I can learn more about your situation and goals and tailor next steps for you.
A short bio
As an ex-LinkedIn, Oculus VR, Facebook Product Manager and hiring manager, I coach Tech professionals and Product Managers across seniority to build their brands, land their dream jobs, and then thrive on those jobs.

Since 2016, I’ve helped hundreds of people find success (). Let’s build your game plan!
Mark Tan LinkedIn Photo.jpeg
Mark Tan
What I offer
Career discovery, resume review, and industry advice
Interview coaching for Product Management, Community-centric, or startup roles
Navigating startup life, promotions, compensation, and equity
A short bio
I’ve coached more than 200 students and tech professionals over the past two years. I’ve also taught product management, growth, and community fundamentals to more than 120 students in formal courses and fellowships. Let’s connect.
Find me on Twitter @mjltan, or LinkedIn:
Michael Hinckley copy.png
Mike Hinckley
What I offer
Becoming more senior as a product leader means being able to "take on more"; and yet, most product managers are already over-committed and stressed as it is. That's why it's critical to learn the skills to scale yourself and your team. In this program, you'll learn the skills and processes used by product managers at the best technology companies to take on more responsibility, ship more impact, and get promoted -- all while staying sane and maintaining work-life balance.
A short bio
PM at Airbnb; led cancellations during Covid-19; previously, VC, i-banking, and Obama admin
Mike bearded.jpg
Mike Lewis
What I offer
I work with founders to provide frameworks on company-building so they can move faster. If you get me, you also get the full ETW team ( which bring with it all roles (CFO, VP of Sales, etc.) so any question you have can be answered
A short bio
3x startup founder (with 3 exits) and ex-Airbnb product team.
Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 3.20.09 PM.png
Mindy Zhang
What I offer
I coach founders and Heads of Product / Engineering to level up their leadership. We start with in-depth, honest 360 feedback to identify your strengths and growth areas. We then choose 2-3 high impact goals and help you achieve mastery, so you become the leader you’re meant to be.
I commonly work with clients on:
Growing their leadership post-Series A, so they can scale their company and product successfully
A short bio
I spent the past decade of my career in product leadership at Microsoft, Dropbox, and most recently Head of Growth Product at Oscar Health. I know what it’s like to navigate rapid change, ambitious goals, and people challenges. My former team members say that I’m a blend of head and heart and have a knack for moving from chaos to clarity. In addition to 1:1 coaching, I’ve also taught management and leadership at On Deck, Soho House, Women in Product, First Round Capital, and The Grand. Outside of work, I’m a lifelong student who’s always absorbed in intensively learning a skill— whether it’s hip hop dance, speaking French, or experience design. Talk to me about: building a house from scratch during the pandemic, off-the-beaten-path NYC recommendations, the art and science of learning something new quickly :)
Natalie Rothfels
What I offer
I work with co-founders improving relationship dynamics, and with executives looking to up-level their product leadership and strategy skills.
My approach is influenced by three distinct but interconnected domains:

A short bio
I’ve spent my career working at the intersection of teaching, learning, and building: first as a schoolteacher, then as a PM in edtech, and now as a leadership coach.
Nikunj Kothari
What I offer
1:1 product coaching for leaders at early to mid stage startups
1:1 product coaching for aspiring and established PMs
Helping startups build their unit economics model and finding product market fit
A short bio
Product lead at Meter. Previously, head of growth at Opendoor and led product at companies like Shyp, Atlassian and LinkedIn.
Shobhit Chugh
What I offer
Intentional job search - help PMs land their first or next dream PM role Product Leader Blueprint - help PMs make the five shifts that catapults them to product leadership
A short bio
I started the Intentional Product Manager as a movement to help PMs build habits that set them up for success over the long term. We have thousands of members now in this community. Before IPM, I serve as the Product Manager at Google for Crashlytics, which is used by most mobile apps to track and fix crashes. After spending 7 years in sales and engineering learning how to build and sell products, I got my MBA at Kellogg, did a stint as a consultant at McKinsey, and made the switch to product management to learn how to manage products end to end. During my MBA program, I founded a startup called Adaptly, which ultimately grew to 150 people and sold to Accenture. My daughter thinks I make the best dad jokes, but my co-workers (somewhat respectfully) disagree.
connie-0-portrait-01 (1).jpeg
Storyteller at Product Maestro
What I offer
A 6 week online class on Storytelling with hands-on coaching from Connie Kwan, a CPO with 17 years of product experience. Get your executives to buy-in, your team to champion your vision, and your manager to say hell-yes on your promotion. You can likely get work to reimburse you for this class. You get hands-on coaching during the 6 weeks on your storytelling. Learn more at
A short bio
I help Senior PMs up-level through better Storytelling to their execs.
Vipul Singh
What I offer
PM Coaching: Transitioning from Software Engineering to Product Management
Interview Coaching - Product Strategy, Product Metrics, Behavioural
Data Product Management
A short bio
Vipul’s focus is on Data Products and how to accelerate innovation and scale organizations through the power of data and associated tooling. Currently a Sr. Product Manager at Slack, and previously at Yelp, Vipul transitioned from Software Engineering to Product Management and helps coaching people who are interested in making similar transitions. Vipul is passionate about data governance, data infrastructure, metrics and MBA’s!!!

A few things to note
Hourly prices range between $150 - $400/hour
Some coaches may be at capacity
Lenny hasn’t done deep vetting of these coaches
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