Connecting your Toggl Track account with Coda

Where to find your API token and authorize the Toggl Track Pack with your Toggl account.
Toggl Track uses API tokens to authorize requests against their API and a special way of passing that token while making a request.

Where is your API token located?
You can locate your API token at the bottom of your .


Installing the Pack
After locating your API token, it is time to install the Toggl Track Pack. You can install the Pack from the or from the Packs menu in the right side panel, Insert → Packs → Toggl Track.

Once you have found the Pack, click on Sign in to add to doc.


Signing in with your API token
The next part is a little bit funny and it is because of how the Toggl Track API expects the token to be used.

Paste your API token in the first field, and just write the word “api_token” (without the quotes) in the second field. You will see that the second field is masked as a password but don’t worry, as I mentioned earlier the reason is because of how Toggl expects the token in the authorization of requests.


Click Continue and congratulations! You can now use the Toggl Track Pack to start and stop your timer, manage customers, projects and build amazing reports with the power of Coda 🙌
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