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Leading Learners Career Exploration

Leading Learners's 'Career Exploration' Speakers


‘Career Exploration’ will be a new category available on the official
Career Exploration will showcase short 5 Q&A video exerts where professionals in a career of interest to students. These spotlighted individuals will be able to express
they got where they are,
they do in that position, and
which tools
words of advice
they have for students, who may look up to them. Leading Learners has a student-led team of 15 students who are invited and excited to meet with you!

Who these professionals are:

Through our Career Exploration page, we want to diversify which kinds of careers are showcased, informing students of the many routes available. From Founders, tech workers, owners of local businesses, NonProfit directors, among several others.


Send over request with 5 questions to our chosen leading professionals
Set up meeting time (
approx. 15-20 minutes
) with our student-led team of 15
One student from logistics, asking each question 1 by 1.
Have question slide - then speaker answering on next video slide
Publish video post to our website, for students to watch!
Send over ‘thank you’ letters to all speakers

Your questions:

These are the questions we will ask, and of course, allow time at the end for our student team to ask other questions of interest (i.e. What was the best moment of it all?)

What is your role and where are you located?
What was your educational route like to get where you are?
What was a challenge overcome, to get into the position you are in?
What is your favourite task you do in your position?
What would you recommend to students who look up to you and the position you are in right now?

Looking for how to answer?:
We recommend trying to answer all questions in median of 2-3 phrases to keep a flow and interesting story, but feel free to speak out some more!

As an example, you could answer the first question as:
“ Hi, my name is Galicia Gordon, I am the Founder of Leading Learners, based in Vancouver, BC. We are a non-profit organization which offers completely free, updated, and accessible resources to people of all ages and backgrounds with a special focus on youth and high school students. “


Our past speakers on Leading Learners have had to the below points as a mutual agreement, going into a speaker showcase. We believe these are confidential; and would not ask questions we see as personal, or make anyone uncomfortable. Let us know if you have questions!

Sticking to our anti-discrimination policy in all words spoken: “Our organization does not have a policy or mission of discriminating in hiring, compensation, promotion, termination, retirement, training, programs, and/or services based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, political affiliation, union membership, or veteran status.”
No asking of personal identifying information, other than role, position, experiences, and company/organization worked for. This includes no asking of financials, or income.
Being open, honest, and genuine - trying to bring likability to our students.
No use of vulgar language, and trying to avoid ‘negative’ terms (i.e. ’don’t do this’) at all possible times!

Final note:

Thank you for reading over! We hope to meet with you! Please reply with 2 days you are available, so we can meet up virtually.

Links of your interest:

Speakers from our Business basics course:

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