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Customer Success Plan Template
Success Plan Template

Other Ideas

More ideas to customize your Success Plan
👋 Create a Branded Home Page
First impressions are important, so I like to start every Success Plan with a branded welcome
. This allows me to introduce myself in a creative way and set the tone for our partnership. Customize the , add a team directory with contact information, or share some fun facts about your company and team so your customers can get to know you better.


🖥 Embed Presentations within your Doc
Chances are you've created a new slide deck for every kick-off call and business review with customers (more on that in the next bullet). With Coda, you can embed your presentations directly into your Success Plan and present in full-screen so you never have to leave this doc. This way you can keep content organized in one place and maintain a single source of truth for customer interactions.

🙅 Scrap the Slide Deck Altogether
Since using Coda, I've stopped building slide decks for my Business Reviews (and I really don't miss it). Why not reimagine your success plan from a place to track to-do items, to an all-encompassing doc to capture customer value. The best part is that the data is easy to reference if you’re using filtered table views.

My Business Reviews include a review of the objectives we captured at kick-off, business outcomes we accomplished over the last quarter from our , tables with use cases that we can add to over time, and to show customers how they are using the product. Best of all, when new people join the team they know exactly what was discussed during prior business reviews.

🚀 Curate Resource Guides for your Customers
Do you find yourself sharing the same resources with all of your customers? Why not create a custom resource guide with links to the content you think your customers will benefit most from, like case studies and how-to guides. I like to embed our page so customers can quickly see the latest features and improvements we've made to our product.

👉 Recommended Reading
If you’re looking for more ways to optimize Customer Success Operations at your company, check out a few of my favorite docs here:

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