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Crime in Chicago

My Position

I love Chicago, I was born and raised here, my family is here, my son was born here. I’ve moved in and out of Chicago 3 times at last count. I’m always giving it another chance and always will. To me this conversation is not about Brandon Johnson, It’s “just” about crime and taxes. It’s about a political climate that continues to demonize people who decry failed policies that are actively making cities across the country less safe and less desirable for business. This simply isn’t sustainable, nor is it fair.
I firmly believe that Chicago will never reach it’s full potential while 50% or more of it’s population lives in poverty. That isn’t sustainable either. I support reinvestment into the historically underinvested communities in this city. I simply don’t support the fiscal policies that hypothesize that a reasonable way to accomplish that is raise taxes in what is one of most highly taxed locals in the Country.
I believe like most economists that growing your economic base by supporting business activity is the best way to achieve the type of financial stability this city needs. Alongside responsible spending and elimination of fraud waste & abuse.
We need both long and short term solutions to crime in Chicago. But if we can’t even agree that it’s getting worse and has been for sometime then how can we begin to discuss a solution?
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