Off the Shoulder Mermaid Wedding Dress: Elevating the Style of Bridal Dresses

A dress can be defined as any single-piece garment that consists of a skirt attached to the top. Women are conventionally known to use dresses. A wedding or bridal dress is the type of dress that is specially designed to be worn during a wedding ceremony by the bride. Aside from the attractive design, style, and color of the fabric used in a wedding dress, its ceremonial importance makes it way more special.
Bridal Dresses
Marriages are considered the most important ceremonies from both cultural and religious points of view. The fact that it unites two individuals for life under a sacred vow makes the concept of marriages even more special. It is the beginning of a new phase of life for the two individuals and they are the center of attraction during the whole ceremony. Since this event is equally important to both individuals, it is conventional for the bride and groom to be well dressed. Since the event is far more special than any random event dresses are designed especially for this occasion known as wedding dresses. The wedding dress of the bride is known as a bridal dress. These bridal dresses are designed to provide elegance and add to the beauty of the bride. These are popularly available in two styles namely:
Mermaid Dress
This dress gets its name since it resembles the shape of the imaginary creature mermaid. A mermaid is known to have the upper half body of its body similar to a human while the lower half is fishtail. Similar to the body of a mermaid, this dress fits closely to the body of the bride and seems to flare out below the knee. The flaring out of the dress below the knee resembles a tail resembling the popular mermaid tail. To increase the beauty and attractiveness of the dress, its tail is featured with alluring details for example lace and breading.
Trumpet Dress
This is one of the popular designs of bridal dresses. A trumpet dress is designed to fit closely to the upper half body of the bride and flares out at the lower half. The difference between a trumpet and a mermaid style bridal dress is that a trumpet dress flares out at the middle of the thigh, unlike mermaid dresses that flare out below knee level. The ease with which the lower half of a trumpet dress flares out is responsible to provide elegance and exquisite beauty to the dress itself. These features make this special dress a perfect choice for a special occasion.
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