Contravans Onsite Implementation Proposal



Arda is a flexible, low-touch, and powerful inventory and order management system that allows customers to reduce the time they spend on ordering and managing inventory by up to 90% while avoiding the heavy compliance and configuration burdens of ERP software.

Onsite Implementation Goals

Our goal is implement a complete digital system that accounts for all of your inventory and order management workflows while setting up physical order cards in as much of your shop as possible so that you can continue to easily work within the system to add new items and account for future changes.

We will show up onsite with our own tools, printer, paper, etc. to make this process as low-touch or high-touch as you would like. We will require a few check-ins with key team members to go over vendors, consumption, and after we set up a small-scale version of each process to make sure that what we’ve implemented fits your workflow before we implement that process through your entire shop, but otherwise we aim to be self-sufficient to minimize disruptions to your business activities.
Onsite, we won't have time to create and implement physical cards for every item in your entire shop in the 3 days, but we will be able to get a lot of supplies in the system and, more importantly, asses your workflow, tailor Arda to your exact needs, train key team members, and bring your team to a level of proficiency within the system so that you can account for future changes to your business within the system an finish any remaining work to physically set up cards in areas we weren’t able to get to.
Utilizing the Arda team’s expertise onsite will greatly accelerate the process of switching Contravans. over to the Arda system without major disruption to your current business activities.
From our experience, it can take 4-6 weeks for an operation of your size to get up and running on an order card system. Our onsite implementation process should enable your team to bypass the onboarding phase altogether and get you to that 4-6 week point within 3 days.
Finally, onsite implementation will allow us to train your staff on the system before we leave so that you are ready to hit the ground running after our implementation process.


Schedule Detail

Virtual Shop Tour
Day 1 - Overview & Card Creation
Day 2 - Always-In-Stock
Day 3 - Sometimes-In-Stock & Receiving
Ongoing Support
1-Week Check-In
1-Month Check-In
3-Month Review
Virtual Shop Tour
6/20/2024 - 6/20/2024
Plan & Goals
Gain a detailed understanding of current inventory management practices
Identify focus areas for onsite, suppliers, information about minimum and order quantities as available
Figure out what hardware needs to be purchased before the onsite
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