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Linn Vizard

Linn Vizard

Session storming doc
Notes and open questions
We want to repurpose existing material Linn has to make this a lighter lift but also provide value to members (balance)
We ended the call with a couple of options:
Stakeholder Mapping
Pros: In a different vein than other sessions we have planned; May appeal more to a different kind of participant (e.g., administrators)
Empathy Mapping
Pros: Seems to fit the “lighter lift” goal (?); Can tie in nicely with some of our past sessions related to Listening (Kyle can flesh out that part, if at all).
Cons: Kinda similar to other content for the season (very ux researchy), but not sure that matters much

One that we didn’t mention in the call:
Something related to service blueprints
Pros: This is a gap in our planned coverage of the Mapping topic; Something might be uniquely suited to address; May appeal to another/different type of community member who is more focused on organizational improvement rather than audience understanding.
Cons: No idea if this is feasible

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