Terry Stagg

I am a life long student of why? With a major in Philosophy centered in belief anthropology, I spend a lot of time studying people and have found that the one thing most people have in common is, doing things the hard way. I look to find ways to make processes flow more seamless and defining ways to make life better, by utilizing technology and workflows that make better use of time.

I have been a Notion user for years and stumbled across Coda on a search for a better way to organize and utilize the data that I collect. Coda has allowed me to improve processes and work flows to be better organized and able to share the information with my team in a more fluid manner. This allows us to spend time doing actionable, meaningful things and not become overwhelmed with looking for solutions. Coda is a solution for most issues involving data management and collection and I want to show you how.

My area of expertise is in healthcare. While there are numerous solutions for the clinical side, electronic records, medication management and so forth, the non-clinical departments and administration is left with few options for technology that will allow better organization and utilization of data. In many instances, departments will create spreadsheets only to scan them in to save them in an archaic file structure which leaves a lot to be desired and has no ability to filter or search data. By building solutions for the departments, we can make a more organized and efficient workflow, which allows the staff to focus on doing their jobs.
Creating solutions for each area allows you to provide the information that may have been segmented, such as Standard Operating Procedures, Safety Data Sheets, Emergency Protocols and Contact Databases, into one location for quick and easy access. I started with the basics, what information is needed the most by each department. Then I started organizing that information so that it makes sense and is easily accessible.

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 7.09.15 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 7.09.48 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 7.10.31 AM.png
Facilities, Security and Information Systems were the logical places to start. Facilities is loaded with required documentation for inspections, surveys, policies and an over abundance of forms. In the past, I would accomplish the organization of these documents by using binders and I would have nine, three inch binders full of information. Using Coda allows me to organize this information into virtual “binders” where all of the necessary information is at the users fingertips. Paired with he amazing forms and automation, work flows are streamlined and just make sense.
Below are some Docs that I have made in Coda.


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