The Three Tier Game
A favorite of in-person game nights, let's play the three tier game remotely now! If you haven’t played before please leave now.

Set Up
Everyone adds words or phrases to small pieces of paper (or in this case to a form) and collects them in a basket (or table!). Then you play three rounds:

Now split up your group into 2 teams.
🎭 Charades
1️⃣ One-word game
🎯 Taboo

Every Round
Every round, you will start with the full basket of words + phrases and switch turns between each team until the basket is complete.

⌛️ Each player gets 1:00 min on the clock to have their team guess as many words as possible
🚨 A member of the other team will police the player getting their team to guess – you can't say any words on the paper, rhyming words, etc.
💯 Keep score – each correct guess is 1 point for that team
⏲When time runs out, place the last unguessed word back in the basket

Once the basket is complete, reset between rounds and start with a full basket.

It's your goal to remember as many words + phrases as you go through the first two rounds so you can guess faster. With taboo, your teammates are giving clues. Listen closely to the other team too! By the time it gets to the One-word game, your teammate can only say one word to make you guess the word.

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