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Research Group Types

PAC Qualitative Research ​Website and new Value Generation content (Oct 4-following week)

Client Qualitative Research (Q4; targeting Nov-Dec)
Website and new Value Generation content
How is our advisory servicing?
Are you meeting regularly with the team to accomplish goals?
Are you getting timely communications with advisory team? (How responsive is Earned)
How clear are you on what phase of the financial advising process you’re in and what’s expected of you?
Are we generating the value you expect/we promised?
Can you see the process of value generation at all times?
[Capture qualitative story feedback on ways we generated value]
What can we improve on?

Prospect Research (TBD)
-Insights from informal convos at conferences should be summarized and recorded in Coda
-Sentiment around financial advising as an industry/needs -Targeted emails about paid research opportunity -Partnership email? Conference association email list-share? Participate in paid research about financial services industry relative to Dr.’s

Client NPS Surveys (Ongoing)
Physician “Clients”, excluding Members, employees and anyone in the firm ownership structure.
Survey sent to those Clients once they’ve been with us >6 months
Second tranche to be sent in Oct 2023:

Client Portal Feedback Button (Testing capabilities in Q3)


Client Research
-Advisory team to ID clients that are open to this
Legacy (+6 months, already taken an NPS survey)
What are we providing them? (Cash incentive? $500 for 2 hours (2 1-hr sessions)?)

What is the expectation on how data is shared?
-Semi-annual research insights share-out
Quantitative data
Qualitative data (transcribe meeting notes; summarize insights for team)
Action items from insights for BizDev/EPD etc.


10 minutes Narrated Web Session: Value Generation
The need: Gather qualitative feedback on Value Generation website content and storytelling from both real clients and prospective clients.
For real PAC clients: Are we selling an accurate, enticing view of the offering?
For PAC non-clients: Are we selling an enticing view of the offering? Why or why not?
The ask: Navigate to while narrating inner dialogue/criticisms and reactions. Interviewer may occasionally ask for clarification (”tell me more about that”)

The method:
Recorded Zoom session
Narrated navigation of site (self-directed to see:
How long people spend on Home Page
What level of information do people absorb vs scan?
In what order do people navigate pages?
What sub-pages are visited most?
What are people most looking to learn on site?
Identify commonalities between sessions
Summarize insights
Develop optimizations to content based on insights

Action items:
KP to invite John - Jack and I built out user research structure - want feedback (Friday)

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