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If you are selling something on the internet, one of the easiest and biggest levers for growth is improving your site speed.
Typically, faster loading ecommerce sites get more traffic, more sales, and have better Google search ranking.
That’s why we created Roadrunner, the site speed optimization service for Shopify brands.
Here’s how it works.


Step 1:

Grant access to your store
First we will request access to your Shopify store as a collaborator.

Step 2:

We make a copy of your current Shopify theme
This allows you to continue business as usual while we quietly optimize your site in the background.
Once we begin optimizing your store, you cannot make changes to your theme. We made a copy of your current theme. This means we are operating on a “snapshot” of your current store. If you make changes to your current theme while we are working, the changes will not show up on the final product.
The optimization process takes ~3 days on average. You can continue marketing and selling products in the meantime.

Step 3:

Publish your optimized theme
We’ll let you know when our work is done so you can preview your optimized theme. You can test its functionality and design to make sure nothing has changed. Once everything looks good, simply publish the theme and enjoy a blazing fast Shopify site.

Step 4:

Measure results
After two weeks have passed, we’ll check the increase in conversion rate for your site. See the Pricing section below for a more detailed breakdown on how we measure results.


You pay based on how many people visit your site each month.
Monthly Unique Visitors
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Who are you?

I’m Kris!
I’m from .
The proud owner of the cutest golden retriever, Muffin.
A complete basketball fanatic.
And the founder of .

Why should I care about site speed?

Think about it from your customer’s perspective.
They are impatient.
They shop online because they want convenience and speed.
If your store takes too long to load, you’ll lose them before they ever get a chance to purchase from you.
In other words...
If your store takes too long to load, it will lose sales. A lot of sales.
And the proof is in the numbers.
Every 1 second delay in loading time can lead to:
8% decrease in conversion rates
10% less page views
2x more bounce rates
That means you could be missing out on 400-800 sales for every 10,000 people who visit your store.

Will you change how my store looks?

Short answer?
Long answer?
All the work we do is on the “backend” of your store. There will be zero change to the design, layout, functionality, or copy on your store.

I have more questions...

If you have additional questions,
Feel free to email me back or send me a new email at
I look forward to hearing back from you.
Even it our services at Roadrunner aren’t a fit right now,
I’m always happen to make connections in the Shopify ecosystem and welcome any feedback!
All the best,
Kris & Muffin

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