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Technical Resources

is a way we could sketch what UI possibilities might be. Initial seed: an intelligent closet that you brainstorm with
MVP in works
Quick win for Stylist engagement: SMS client booking and workflow enablement?

: Post-covid Avon? The Yes for Amazon?

: Direct sales means using consumers to sell, not selling directly to consumers [
The Users
: The post Insta/Twitter/TikTok -- Avon Lady without cringe [
The Future
: Microinfluencers are the new networked Brand [

The Amoire Club

We have a "vanilla" closet to start
Based on what the customer looked at, you get the closet getting filled in with #, $ value, brand, color, use case
As customers enter more info, the closet gets filled differently
In an evolved state, they can remove things from the closet, replace it... add things to it from other websites
It also becomes an idea generator over time
It also serves as an inventory of what you have
You could create plugins with Poshmark if you wanted to sell something

Possibilities, layering in causal system simulation with feedback and agent modeling

Closets simulated as causally specified populations of wearable “agents” (influenced by factors outlined and others)
With agents being wearable items of different types that also influence what can be later added to the closet
Need to strike balance between complexity and clarity of explanation for sketch version

Comparables, partners, others ...





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