Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion Elementary

友人学園  ゆうじんがくえん

Education Assistant

2021 - 2022

Table of Contents


The Yujin Gakuen Education Assistant Handbook has been compiled to provide Education Assistants with an overview of day-to-day duties, responsibilities, and the various procedures observed at this school. You are responsible for knowledge of policies contained within this handbook, as well as our student handbook, emergency procedures, and district policies in the Superintendent’s Back-to-School Memo.

Printable Documents
Work year calendar/School breaks and paid holidays
District Calendars
Building Schedules
- needs to be updated
EA Meeting Agendas nd Notes
- needs to be updated
- needs to be updated
- needs to be updated
- staff need to sign up for a time slot
- draft completed
Specialists Schedule

School Calendars
Our school uses the online calendars in Zimbra. These are managed by the school secretary and the principal (
kocho sensei
). There are two calendars that staff need to track:
Yujin Gakuen
calendar - this is used for staff to track meetings and other important events
YG’s web calendar
- this is used for families to track important events
If you don’t have access to these calendars, Laura or Tom can share them with you.
Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion School Overview
Mission and Program Description
Yujin Gakuen’s
and mission:
Enable our diverse student community to be productive citizens in our global society through a bilingual, bicultural, integrated Japanese/English curriculum.
友人 (Yujin) means
学園 (Gakuen) means
Our school climate – We are:
Respectful 親切 しんせつ
Safe 安全 あんぜん
Responsible 責任 せきにん

We build community, family, and culture through…
Japanese class plays at each grade level
Hosting interns from Japan through a homestay program
Traditional Japanese food and activities, for students and the school community

Special programs/events

K Asian Celebration, performance in spring, Kinder completion ceremony at year’s end.
1 Mastery of
, beginning Kanji. Song/ conversation/ reading/writing integrated into multiple subject areas and through skits.
2 Asian Celebration (kimonos, song), spring Japanese folk play and trip to Salem Children's’ Museum and Tokyo International University of America.
3 Train trip to Portland Zoo, report on a state, learn multiplication facts.
4 Plays/skits, speech, dance, singing, recorders. Evening parent performances and community performance participation, three unit projects completed in English and Japanese.
5 Asian Celebration

- 2021-2022 draft

Staff Meetings

- draft

- Needs to be updated for 2021-2022

EA Meeting Agendas and Notes

Agenda--how is it determined?

principal adds items and shares with staff prior to meeting
staff write items on google doc
Shared google doc?

(old) (1st staff meeting, discuss, agree)
Meeting Schedule - held twice a month during. Meetings run from 3:00 to 4:00 PM.
Location: TBD

Staff Self-Care/Celebrations
Staff Room Duty
List of expectations--posted in the staff room above the sink. (add to this doc--?)
Sign up -- staff members sign up for 2 weeks per year. Claim your week on calendar in the staff room. All staff are expected to sign up. ½ time staff members should team with another staff member.
Fridays @4--staff encouraged to get together outside school
Winter Party--.

Behavior Support
Behavior Support Assistant -
Counselor -
Principal - Thomas Piowaty
Custodial Support
YG and Kelly will have 3-4 custodians supporting the building. See

Student Services
English Language Development
Jennie Goodlett - Teacher (.5 FTE)
Learning Center (Room 5)
Mary Gevatosky - SpEd teacher (.5 FTE)
Janesta Sola - LC EA (4 hours)
Speech: Tricia Grady
School Psychologist: Justin Potts
Occupational Therapist: TBA
Autism Specialist: Joanne-Nicole Curzie
Nuts and Bolts

Absences from Work

Anytime you are absent or late it impacts our ability to deliver services and should be kept to a minimum. In case of absence from work, the following procedures should be followed:

Notify immediate supervisor (
Kocho Sensei
) either by text or phone as soon as practicable. The general expectation is at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled shift. If leave is foreseeable, notice should be at least 10 days prior to the date the leave is to begin or as soon as otherwise practicable.
It is the staff member’s responsibility to schedule his or her own substitutes. To do so, contact the 4j substitute service at
. Please contact the service EARLY to make substitute arrangements.
For a complete set of instructions on requesting a substitute using Aesop, visit
If it is too late to report an absence and schedule a substitute, call the school office immediately.

Requesting personal leave and scheduling appointments

Any requests for personal leave must be scheduled with Kocho Sensei at least 24 hours in advance unless it’s an emergency.

: the building principal will need advance approval from the Human Resources Director if the personal day is adjacent to a holiday.

See the following 4J documents for more information on
Plans for Substitutes
Plans for substitutes should be complete, easy to follow, and easily accessible. The expectation is that:
The EA schedule will be completed and turned into the office
The school secretary will give the substitute the schedule
EA should list a colleague who would be able to assist where needed.
Procedures that need to be followed if applicable
Lesson plans for the day if applicable
The plans should be clear enough for the school secretary to explain what the substitute will be doing that day

Accident or Illness (Staff)
Fill out an accident report form immediately if you are injured at work. If a form is not completed, personal loss may not be covered by workman’s compensation insurance. If you find it necessary to be seen by a physician due to a work injury, please get information from the office. The designated district facility is indicated on the accident report form.
You may use the
For more information see the
Accident or Illness (Student)
In the case of an accident or illness, send the student to the office, preferably with a written explanation, or call the office staff to inform them that the student is coming to the office. Have the student escorted by one student only, if necessary. In the event of an injury, be sure to fill out an
If a student is seriously injured then must be accompanied by a staff member.
Animals are not allowed inside the school, nor in or around arrival and dismissal areas.
The only exception are registered service animals. All service animals must be approved by the front office.
Announcements will be broadcast via the school wide intercom system. These announcements are usually made on Fridays to lead students in the Pledge of Allegiance. Other announcements will be made as necessary to inform students and staff.
Arrival and Dismissal Times (Staff)
Generally, full-time staff hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Arrival and Dismissal (Students)
Children are allowed in their building at 8:20 AM in order to go to the cafeteria.
Students arriving before the 8:20 AM bell who are having breakfast should report to the cafeteria. Students having breakfast may arrive as early as 7:45 AM. Those students not eating the meal should delay their arrival until 8:20 AM. If arriving before 8:20 AM, students must wait in front of the school.
Dismissal is at 3:00 PM (1:45 on early release Friday).
There will be no assemblies during the COVID pandemic, unless they are virtual.
All staff members MUST wear Eugene 4j identification badges during contract hours and school sponsored events.

Breaks and Meal Periods
A rest break of at least ten (10) minutes must be provided during each half shift (four hours on an 8-hour shift or five hours on a 10 hour shift), approximately midway in the period.
Employees are provided at least a thirty (30) minutes meal period for any shift six (6) hours or more in length. This time is unpaid as long as an employee is relieved of all duties.
Neither breaks nor meal periods may be taken at the beginning or end of the work period.
Building Etiquette
In the building, we will follow these guidelines for building etiquette:
TRAVELING TO CLASSES - As you take your class through the hall please be sure they do so quietly so as not to disrupt other students or staff members. When traveling to music, physical education, band, lunch, etc. take the most direct route. In most situations, teachers are expected to escort their students to their destination. Please walk on the right hand side of the hallways.
HALLWAY PASSING - All school staff need to take ownership of student behavior. One does not need to be the homeroom teacher to address inappropriate behavior.
STUDENTS IN BUILDING AFTER HOURS/WEEKENDS - Students will be allowed in the buildings evenings and Saturdays only if they have permission and are supervised by a parent, member of the faculty or a community education instructor. They need to be in the area that is directly supervised.
OUTSIDE ETIQUETTE - Instruct the children to use the sidewalks when approaching and leaving the school building. Students should walk their skateboards on the school site.
BATHROOM, HALLWAYS, LOCKERS - All students are asked to dispose of paper and other unwanted items in the containers provided. Be sure to monitor the bathrooms, hallways, and locker areas.
SCHOOL EMPLOYEE DRESS - Professional attire is expected by all staff. Your dress is an important part of how you are perceived (as an individual and as a professional) by your colleagues, students, parents, and the community. Good judgment and common sense should guide and encourage a professional appearance and standard.
POSTING OF NOTICES - Posting any notices, displays, etc. (by community organizations) must be cleared through the principal’s office. Only school related and/or sponsored activities may be displayed. A designated area for posting notices is the bulletin board by the _________.

Building Safety
All chemicals must be stored in a locked cabinet.
All chemicals used in the classroom must have a
Materials Safety Data Sheet
on file in the custodial office.
ANY chemicals brought in from home, such as baby wipes, hand soap, or other cleaners, must have a
Materials Safety Data Sheet
on file in the custodial office. If a staff member is discovered with a chemical that is not approved with the custodial staff, s/he is personally liable.
Classroom set-up:
Personal furniture requires prior approval from the principal.
Refrain from hanging items from the ceiling.
Window and door exits must be clear.
There must be a 18” clearing from the ceiling to store containers (exception – the flag).
Decorative materials:
All decorative materials such as curtains, drapes, holiday items, or any other combustible decorate material shall be flame retardant.
A maximum of 25% of a wall area may be used for decorative material that is not fire retardant/treated. Decorations exceeding 25% of the wall space must be fire retardant/treated.
Decorations must be a minimum of four feet from any corner of an adjoining wall and a minimum of four feet from any exit.
Paper is not allowed on exit doors.
Decorations shall not conceal CFC state exits, exit lights, fire alarms, hose cabinets, electrical panels, fire extinguishers, or fire alarm sending stations.
Bulletin Boards:
The visual environment of a school has a direct bearing on the attitudes held by both students and parents. Displays help create a warm and friendly climate that send a positive message about our school. Teachers are responsible for the bulletin boards in and around their rooms.

Child Abuse

Any employee of the district who has reasonable cause to know or suspect that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect, or who has observed the child being subjected to circumstances or conditions that could result in abuse or neglect will immediately report these observations to the counselor and/or principal. School employees are mandatory reporters and should contact the Department of Human Services with their observations/concerns, immediately (within 24 hours) or contact the Eugene Police Department.
School employees should not contact the child’s family, or any other persons, to determine the cause of the suspected abuse or neglect. It is not the responsibility of the school employees to determine or prove that the child has been abused or neglected.

Communication - Meetings

Staff Meetings
Communication (from Administration)
Staff receive an email link to the
Communication (…with Office Staff)
Notifying the office staff of changes in your schedule, field trips, guest speakers, any classroom activity that is “out of the ordinary”, etc. will allow the office to support your activities and better address questions that may arise. Put events on the YG Zimbra Calendar. Be sure to write down specific dates, time of departure, time returning, and whether or not students will be eating lunch at school.
Communication (…with Each Other)
Email is our primary mode of communication so checking your email “in box,” daily is important. We are working on the
document and YG Dashboard in the YG Shared Drive and
that hosts a variety of important information, including schedules, meeting minutes, assessment updates, technology tips, and more! It’s a quick and easy place to locate information. It contains not only information for the general public, but it also contains links for both our learners and our staff.
Communication - Mailboxes
Staff should check mailbox cubbies in the IMC at least once a day.
Communication - Messages
All telephone messages received in the office will be forwarded via email, or voicemail, except for emergencies.
Email should be checked throughout the day, time permitting.
YG may want to consider having a group agreement. At some schools if action is required by staff members and the notification is sent through email, staff should have 24 hours notice lead time on the action. Staff also recognizes that occasionally this will not be possible. The goal is to avoid same-day notification and action issues.
All staff should check voicemail once per day, or as indicated by the red light on phones.
Communicating (…with Parents)
Thursday Envelopes
- These have been the primary form of communication between Yujin Gakuen and home. We have discussed a need to transition to electronic communication in order to save on costs.
Thursday School Newsletters
- These are posted on the
and sent to families via School Messenger.
Website and Facebook Page
- The YG website holds the weekly staff newsletter.
Questions from Parents
- When education assistants get questions from parents regarding a student or a staff member, direct the parents to the appropriate teacher or to
Kocho Sensei
Days for conferences each fall are determined by the district. This year, conferences are held on Novermber 10 and 12. Staff may choose to hold conferences on November 9th and 10th so that November 12th can be taken as a day off as compensation for working longer on the 9th and 10th.
The front office will prepare conference sign-up forms for the classrooms. This year, the conferences will be scheduled using
The office will then create a conference form that can go home to families. We make every attempt to schedule siblings in succession so families need only come once. Staff will meet to help match sibling conference times
All staff participate in conferences.
Grade levels make agreements about what will generally be covered/discussed at conferences
TAG forms should be ready, reviewed, and signed by the family during conferences if at all possible.
When having conversations (i.e. emails, etc.) please be aware of your surroundings and choice of words at school, home and in public. Staff personnel/personal issues and individual student issues are always considered confidential.
At school, confidential conversation should take place behind closed doors but not in any communal place like the staff room, library, office, etc.
Contact teams in another setting if you have a concern or question.
Cumulative Folders
Staff may look in a child’s CUM folder, though it MUST stay in the office. Parents requesting to view their child’s cumulative file should make this request through the school office. The office will then arrange an appointment with the parent, and the principal, to go over the file. This affords the teacher and the office time to go through the file to make sure appropriate information is contained therein. Cums MUST REMAIN IN THE OFFICE AREA AT ALL TIMES.
Drug Free Zone
Yujin Gakuen has been designated a Drug Free Zone. The unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol on school premises or as part of any school activity is strictly prohibited. Disciplinary sanctions, consistent with local, State and Federal law, up to and including termination of employment and referral for prosecution, will be imposed on any employee who violates the standards of conduct for drug or alcohol use. Compliance with these standards is mandatory in accordance with the laws of the state of Oregon. Likewise, smoking is prohibited on school grounds.
Duty Free Breaks and Mealtime
Electronic Devices
iPods, MP3 players, video games, laser pens, and other entertainment items should not be brought to school. Similarly, electronic devices such as cell phones and smartphones are not permitted to be used by students during the school day. These items are not conducive to learning and should remain at home. Some parents may want their students to take a cell phone to school. If this is the case, the cell phone must remain in the student’s backpack in silent mode.
School is not responsible for lost or stolen electronics.
Emergency Contact Information
At the beginning of the school year, each staff member should fill out and return to the office an emergency contact sheet. Returning staff members should check the sheet on file and update it if necessary

Emergency/Safety Procedures
(update when new one is done)
*Fire Drill Routes/procedures (the building principal will go over at 1st staff meeting)
Exterior Doors and Gates
Decoration guidelines/restrictions
Electrical guidelines/restrictions
Snow/Hazardous Weather days
Emergency School Closure
On rare occasions, an emergency closing of school may be necessary. Should this occur, staff, parents and students have several ways to learn about weather-related school closures in Eugene; the district website (, text message alerts (see the district website for details), KRVM-FM, and other local TV and radio stations.
If there is a change in the school schedule or bus routes due to inclement weather, Eugene School District 4J will announce that buses are on snow routes, that school is delayed two hours, or that school will be canceled.
If school is in session and on regular schedule, the district will NOT make an announcement.
Once school is in session, should the routine of the normal school day be altered, we will initiate the phone auto dialer and email system notifying parents of the change in routine.
List of “common” rooms:
Conference Room
Japanese Resource Room
Gymnasium (“Small Gym”)

Schedule for common rooms: Tom will make a schedule and present to staff at the 1st staff meeting--make adjustments as needed.

Custodial Support
YG and Kelly will have 3-4 custodians supporting the building. See

After School Activities
Entering/Exiting building after hours
Setting alarms:
When staff enter and exit after hours, they may need to disarm or set the alarm system. Staff members will need their 4j badge to open doors and to disarm and set alarm systems. Generally, if the alarm was set when you arrived, you should set it again when you leave, unless someone else is still in the building; then, it is their responsibility--it is helpful if you check in with other staff in the building before you leave.
To disarm
: swipe badge in front of alarm keypad, right inside the main front door. Then enter your 4 digit pin number assigned by the district.
To set
: swipe badge in front of alarm keypad, right inside the main front door. Then enter your 4 digit pin number assigned by the district. Move quickly out the front door, and make sure that it has locked behind you.
Sign in sheet
: to avoid setting the alarm while someone is still in the building, all staff should sign in and out on the sign in sheet located on a clipboard by the alarm pad.
ffice access
: The main office is generally locked outside of the office staff hours. Teachers do not have keys to the main office.
As you spend this money, turn your
receipts for reimbursement into the office. Make a photocopy of the receipts for your records. Your receipt must also clearly list your name. All receipts must be “clean”- meaning that they should only include items purchased for classroom use (no personal items). If you need clarification about what items can be purchased for school use, please contact the office.
Note: funds will be reimbursed in your monthly paycheck. The district does not reimburse employees through separate checks.
Yujin Gakuen encourages and welcomes visitors. For safety reasons, all volunteers and guests need a name badge from the office. Staff should politely redirect guests to the office for a badge if they are on school grounds without one. Friends and family members of staff and former students should have prior permission from the principal before spending the day at school. These guests also need a visitor’s badge from the office.
Students are not allowed to chew gum in school. Some exceptions to this rule are made for students who need accommodations for attention or sensory needs.
Hall Passes
Generally students should have permission to be in the halls. When we were in the Silverlea building, we did not have standard hall passes. Now that we are at 850 Howard, we will determine whether or not standard hall passes are needed.
All students in halls should follow the regular rules of the halls and walk quietly.
Please remember if a student is sent to a different location for a break, you need to note the time that they are able to return.
Students who need to enter the building during recess to use the restrooms or to visit the office because of injury should be given a pass by the recess duty staff. These should be returned to the duty staff when the child returns to the playground. Students should not be going to classrooms during recess.
Harassment/Discrimination Policy
Link to 4J Nondiscrimination webpage:
Students should pick up scraps, books, pencils, etc. off the floor before being dismissed each afternoon.
Similarly, chairs should be stacked each afternoon and all trash cans should be placed outside your door.
No stickers should be placed on desks, chairs, books, cubbies, etc.
Student work habits often reflect their surroundings. Maintaining a neat and tidy classroom serves as a positive model for children to emulate.
While seemingly unimportant, housekeeping details can make a difference in school appearance and students’ respect and attitude toward learning.
Trash cans should be placed outside the room each night.

Incident Reports
If a staff member has an incident with a student that involves physical contact from student to staff, a staff incident report needs to be filled out to document the incident. An online
form can be found in the IMC or on the 4j website.
Indoor Recess
Indoor recess takes place in individual classrooms under the supervision of Duty personnel. Having quiet activities available to students (board games, cards, coloring materials, legos, manipulatives, etc.) is important. See
for more information.
Instructional Materials Center (IMC)
The IMC is available for staff to access supplies and to use the copy machines and laminator. Please observe these guidelines:
Copy machines
- Teachers have limited access to copy machines since they are required to teach most of their work day. EAs should allow teachers to make copies ahead of them.
- Designate one person to use the laminator -
IMC Etiquette
Staff members will be issued keys to classroom doors. Staff will have the opportunity to check keys out over the summer months. It is the responsibility of staff members to carefully monitor the whereabouts of the key. Report lost keys to administration immediately.
Schedule - A Library schedule is created each year and maintained on the YG Staff Drive.
Expectations in ordinary times
All classes will visit the library each week for a story/lesson as well as for check out.
Students are expected to talk with a quiet voice, walk, use shelf markers, and sit at tables quietly following their check out.
Class periods are 30 minutes.
Teachers are expected to monitor students and be present during their scheduled time.
Classes should arrive and leave at their scheduled time.
Classes can trade times should a conflict arise. .
Leaving the Building During the Work Day
For safety reasons, all staff must notify the office when leaving the premises. Should there be an emergency during the absence, it is important a staff member’s whereabouts is known. Likewise, staff must let the office know when returning to the building.
All itinerant, or district personnel, visiting the building must sign in and out using the Raptor System while on campus.
Lost and Found
The lost and found is located _____________. Students should check the lost and found frequently. Valuables, such as glasses, money, or jewelry are turned in to the office. Please inquire with the office if valuables are lost. Periodically, the “Lost and Found” will be emptied and the items displayed before being boxed for donation. Labeling children’s belongings will help keep the items in the “Lost and Found” to a minimum.
Lunchroom/Cafeteria Procedures
Students will enjoy a 40 minute lunch/recess break consisting of 20 minutes for mealtime and 20 minutes of playtime.
Students will be led to the cafeteria by their teachers
Each class should have a wagon or bin to transport lunches to the cafeteria. Teachers should designate a student to be responsible for the transportation of this wagon.
Students are not to return to their classroom during lunch without permission of, and supervision by, a staff member.
Teachers and supervising staff should be prompt when dropping off and picking up students.
Due to abundant allergies, food is not to be shared.
Cafeteria etiquette:
Polite manners are to be used at all times.
Quiet voices will be used at all times.
Students may not leave their seat without permission.
If food or milk is spilled, the student should raise his/her hand and a supervisor, or custodian, will offer assistance.
When students have completed lunch and cleaned up around themselves, they should raise their hand and wait to be dismissed.
Once outside, students MAY NOT return inside the building without direct permission.
Unless specified with a written note (preferably from a doctor), students are to participate in recess.
It is the policy of the Eugene 4j School District to cooperate with parents to dispense medication that has been prescribed by a physician during the school day. It’s important that EAs know the following:
Confidentiality should be practiced regarding individual student medication.
All medication should be kept locked in the office and must be in the original container issued by a registered pharmacist. If you see a student with medication, it should be reported to the office right away.
Students are allowed to carry inhalers as long as there is an authorization form in the office. This is very rare at the elementary level. Otherwise, students should not have medication with them, including over the counter medications.
Cough drops are not permitted in class and should be immediately sent to the office.
See “Field Trip” section for medications and field trip info.

Meetings - See Communication: Meetings
Reimbursement for Classified Staff for Purchases
Education assistants should not be making purchases for the school. If a purchase needs to be made, it must be approved first by the building principal. Checks will not be issued by the school for staff reimbursements. These reimbursements will be paid with the monthly paychecks.

Safety - See Building Safety
Supplies Used by Staff

Talented and Gifted - TAG

TAG Coordinators:
YG TAG Coordinator:

The testing schedule is determined each year by the district office. Generally, fall testing will include students from all grade levels in academic, intellectually gifted, or potential to perform categories. Spring testing administered by the district is generally for K-2 students in the above categories; 3-5 students are qualified through state testing measures.
Referral process:
Students can be referred by any staff member or parent; paperwork must must filled out, signed and submitted to the TAG coordinator prior to the testing windows.
Students must have strong classroom performance as determined by their teacher; have standardized scores that range from 95%ile and above over the course of time; students must then score at the 95th%ile or higher on a state or subsequent district test
Testing Windows:
One window is offered in the fall, usually late October-December (k-5) and one is offered in the spring, usually late March-early May (k-2)
4J Talented and Gifted Education
: More information is available on the 4J TAG
for more information.

Teacher Duty Free Lunch
The lunch period for teachers is 30 minutes, which is duty free and 5 minutes of transition time at the beginning of lunch for students and to pick up students at the end of reces. Staff on duty will supervise students in the cafeteria and on the playground. It is the teacher's responsibility to see that his/her class is aware of health, safety, and playground rules.
After lunch recess, staff who are supervising are no longer responsible for the class. Teachers are expected to promptly pick students up from the playground when the recess period ends. Similarly, staff on duty should arrive promptly to his/her designated supervisory areas so that students and teachers can enjoy their full break.


Technology - Students:
All students must have a technology use form on file prior to using technology. The only exception to this is for State Testing. A signed permission form for Google docs must be on file with the office in order for the students to have access.
Watches with cellular capabilities are considered to be under the same parameters as cell phones. They should be off or away during the school day. They may not be worn in class or out to recesses
Cleaning technology: For keyboards specifically, a disinfectant lightly sprayed on a paper towel or a cloth towel can be used to wipe keyboards safely.
It would not be good to spray disinfectant directly onto keyboards.
Wipes can also be used on keyboards (but
soaking ones, like sometimes happens when you pick up the last ones in the bottle)
Telephone Use (Staff)
Education assistants may use the telephone to make personal calls during their break times. However, staff should refrain from making personal long distance calls from district lines.
Tobacco Use
As per state law, “A person shall not use a tobacco product on school property.” This law applies to all buildings, grounds, and property owned, leased or controlled by a public school system.
Valuables and Money
Staff should
NOT leave
money, purses, or valuables in desks, files or rooms unattended.
Any school district, organizational or pupil funds that are collected in accordance with Board of Education should be deposited in the office at the end of the day.
Do not leave collected money in a classroom.
Teachers should not take this money home.
Under no circumstances are teachers to place school monies into a personal checking account or to open a bank account for any school-related project. Teachers need to bring collected money to the office to be stored for safekeeping.
Work Orders
Notifying the head custodian directly, is the best way to request repairs and/or work to be done in your classroom. Notification, via email, is preferred.
Tasks not completed below this line
Current Focus and Tasks
Laura and Tom
- working back to school staff meeting list/topics,
- Staff List spreadsheet:
- emergency phone tree,
- link calendar from Zimbra,
- EA/Room Schedules,
- school profile data,
- school highlights (traditions/celebrations/events) encourage staff attendance (staff meeting)
- school improvement goals (site council)
- ESC ??? (testing, referrals, TAG, etc)
- Leadership Positions - staff meeting? how many days how to divide up? (look at contract)
- For math and language arts: need to have primary and intermediate.
- Staff social dues, how much
- Parent council staff representation, Tom to create a list
- Supplies, ready for back to school
- website updates

-directions for teachers to look at completed background check list (put into field trip section)

PLC team meetings (working on over the year)
Schedule and agendas

Back to School Agenda Items: first staff meeting
Buddy Rooms: Agreement and assigning.
Grade level buddies (k-5; 2-4; 3-1)
Staff meetings
group agreements (attach
responsibility grid (attach
Supplies, ready for back to school
Fire drill routes-need key and badge to get through gates and to get back into building
List of common rooms and schedule (tom)

Committee Work
PBIS - meet with Shasta Quigley - reboot PBiS?
Blurbs about what each committee does, who are the members, when/where they meet

Will we hold regular meetings?
Who will be teacher leader for technology?

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
Blurb (Tom working on)
Who is doing what
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