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AWS Batch

AWS Batch helps you to run batch computing workloads on the AWS Cloud. Batch computing is a common way for developers, scientists, and engineers to access large amounts of compute resources. AWS Batch removes the undifferentiated heavy lifting of configuring and managing the required infrastructure, similar to traditional batch computing software. This service can efficiently provision resources in response to jobs submitted in order to eliminate capacity constraints, reduce compute costs, and deliver results quickly.
As a fully managed service, AWS Batch helps you to run batch computing workloads of any scale. AWS Batch automatically provisions compute resources and optimizes the workload distribution based on the quantity and scale of the workloads. With AWS Batch, there's no need to install or manage batch computing software, so you can focus your time on analyzing results and solving problems.

AWS Batch on Amazon EKS

AWS Batch on Amazon EKS is a managed service for scheduling and scaling batch workloads into existing Amazon EKS clusters. AWS Batch doesn't create, administer, or perform lifecycle operations of your Amazon EKS clusters on your behalf. AWS Batch orchestration scales up and down nodes managed by AWS Batch and run pods on those nodes.
AWS Batch doesn't touch nodes, auto scaling node groups or pods lifecycles that aren't associated with AWS Batch compute environments within your Amazon EKS cluster.

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