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About Me

From technician to consultant
For someone who spent four years in the Air Force as an avionics technician and eight years at Southwest Airlines, you’d think I’d have a passion for the aviation industry. On the contrary, I’m quite industry agnostic! My passion is for all things data, and how small bits of stored information can be used to improve business processes and operations.
So why a Coda doc and not a YouTube channel? Frankly speaking, I have no video editing skills to make a compelling vlog of my experience. But writing? My sorcery extends a bit into diction as well, thus I’m choosing Coda as my platform to share my journey and thoughts.
I’ll be honest, my thoughts are all over the place. I have no clue where to begin, what I should include, and what people will find useful. My goal is to just store my knowledge gained over the years, find a creative outlet to express myself, and have fun!

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