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Water Delivery Application
Water Delivery Application

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Admin Website

For manage the discard bottles:

There should be an option in the admin site where they can manage all discard bottle details . That is, the admin can check the damaged stock and can track it.
All the scrap/ damaged/ discard bottles should be approved by the admin through the admin site.

Manage stock:

In admin there should be an option to manage stock in the manufacturing plant. (Example manufacturing plant has 1000 water bottles and he needs to allocate 100 water bottles to a specified water station. Admin can do it and can track the stock of water bottles allocated to different water stations.
If water stations have limited space for keeping the water bottle they can return the bottles to the plant, this option should be there in the admin Panel.
All Inventory / Return bottles / Damage / Stock Availability Report is also manage in stock management section.

Track empty bottles:

There should be an option in the admin site to track empty bottles. (In future ID chip can be used to track the bottles)
Admin should have the control to charge and give discounts to the customer.

Customer Section:

There should be an option in admin site that is showing view the customer list and details of the customer.

Delivery Section:

In this section admin can view all delivery info, pending delivery info and completed delivery info.

Driver Availability:

In admin section has the option for check the status of driver that is showing the status like driver is active and inactive.

Reports Section:

In this section admin can view the all reports-
View the sales Reports
Customer Reports
Payments Reports

Notification Section:

If customer is trying to place the order from non serviceable area then admin receive a notification through message or email.
After 200 or more than 200 registration completed in particular area then a notification through message or email will come in admin site.
A notification will come from the driver app that the driver has picked the bottles from the customer.
Customer details notification after the order is placed.


Discount is manage by admin to charge and give the product wise discounts to the customer.

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