How to Backup Gmail Mailbox into a local drive

Protecting the information in your Gmail account requires periodic backups. While it is possible to manually Backup Gmail mailbox into a local drive, it is far easier and more secure to use a professional tool like the Softaken Gmail Backup Tool.

Reasons to Create a Backup of Your Gmail

Consider these benefits of backing up your Gmail account immediately:
Server and Cloud Problems - Even Google can have cloud and server problems. After all, people run the show here.
The benefits of using a cloud service can be immediately nullified by service interruptions, such as a loss of internet connection.
To steal money or for other nefarious reasons, teams of skilled hackers spend all day trying to hack into accounts and lock individuals out.

You can manually save your Gmail messages to files.

First, you can use Gmail's built-in EML backup feature:
Launch Gmail and go to the account you'd like to save a copy of.
To access the Download Message Option, tap the three-dot menu (more).
In this case, the email will be saved in EML format automatically.

Second, export your Gmail messages into a PST file for safekeeping.

If you use Microsoft Outlook and have access to your Gmail account, you may easily export your messages by following the instructions below.
To access the File tab in Outlook, launch the program.
Choose the Add Account menu item.
Click the Connect button after entering your Gmail credentials.
The IMAP protocol is activated with a password prompt.
After doing so, select the Connect option and enter the same.
The last step is to hit the "Done" button.
You can now relaunch Outlook and find that your Gmail account has been properly set up.
Here's how to save your Gmail messages in Outlook by using a PST file:
To open and export a file, click File.
To begin, select Import/Export from the menu.
Then, choose "Export to a file" and continue.
After that, choose the.pst file format for your Outlook data and click next.
Select where you want to save the exported file, then hit Finish.

Third, Google Takeout Email Backup

Google Takeout is a built-in feature of Gmail that lets you store your messages as MBOX files on your computer. Here are the measures; follow them.
Go to "" first.
To begin, select the DESELECT ALL checkbox.
Select the desired download by clicking its icon.
Here you can select how you want to receive the downloadable content.
We're going to guess email.
Determine how often you want your data backed up (the backup frequency).
Then, after making your selections, hit the Export button. In the end, you'll receive an email with a link to your archived data.
Note: - Without a doubt, the aforementioned ways help you to effectively back up Gmail emails; nevertheless, you should be aware of the limitations that manual methods entail, such as the possibility of data loss, the inability to back up more than a single email at a time, and the length and complexity of the process. As a result, we advise employing external software to provide a level playing field and reliable results.

Safely Method for Backup Gmail mailbox into a local drive

When it comes to saving a backup Gmail mailbox into a local drive, you can trust in Softaken . The program can save Gmail messages as a PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, or any of a number of other file types. This program allows access to Gmail from within a variety of desktop email applications. Users have the option of saving their Gmail backups in any location they see fit. Keep the original data intact while converting quickly. All Windows operating systems are supported.

Steps of Backup Gmail Account on Windows:

Download and install the Gmail Backup Pro Application on your computer.
Enter the username and password of your Gmail account and click on Connect to my Gmail Account.
Now, show the preview of the Gmail Account and Click on the Next Button.
Select a particular folder and all folders for backup.
Select the export option - PST, EML, EMLX, MBOX, MSG, etc.
Click the browse button and choose the destination path of your computer to save a backup of the data.
Hit the "Process Now" button and start the backup process.

In Conclusion

We've talked about how you might be able to save a backup of your Gmail inbox to a hard disk. We covered four manual approaches but be aware that these will have their own set of constraints. For instance, you can lose data or have to wait a long time to finish the operation. To keep from having to deal with these complications, we've recommended the Professional technique, which simplifies your work and allows you to back up several Gmail messages at once.
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